Sunday Series: Hanging On

Welcome to the very first post in my brand new Sunday series. I'll be posting every Sunday (obvs) with just my general thoughts for the week and what I've been up to. Some may be just more like a brain-dump, some might be more of a personal, reflective post. I've been saying I wanted to switch up my content so more personal posts is just an idea!


Spring Capsule Wardrobe Prep

I've had this post sat in my drafts for a couple of weeks now and was constantly dreaming of spring. Then Snowmaggedon happened and my dreams went out the window. Now it looks like the worst of the snow is over (fingers crossed), I can finally start planning my spring wardrobe!


The Watch-List: March 2018

Having dealt with snow days and having quite a bit of free time lately, I've spent most nights doing uni work or freelance work whilst watching the TV. I've found that there hasn't been much on actual TV that I've been hooked on so I've stuck to watching a lot of DVDs. How I get through some series so quickly, I do not know. I guess it's because there are no adverts! Here's a look at what I've been watching during March.