Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

It's here people, it's finally here! The movie most of us women have been waiting for. Now I love these books but I'm just hoping that the movie is done subtly and not abrasive like the books are. A lot of it I do not need to see on a big screen in my face! As much as the books are famous about the amount of sex included, I do believe that the story itself is pretty good. And let's face it, Mr Grey sounds oh so attractive. I was underwhelmed when Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were announced to play Christian and Anastasia. I was really rooting for Ian Somerhalder/Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel myself. However after watching the trailer, I think the two of them have undeniable chemistry and look the part. As long as the film is tasteful, I will certainly be going to watch this! So here is the trailer! :D



Personal Style

Something what I will always stand by is wearing what I like, not what's in fashion. I love fashion but I know that not every item that is on-trend will suit me. I'm 5"2 so there's quite a lot that doesn't suit me!

1. Dress for your shape.

I'm short and fairly slim so I'm never going to be able to wear the same things as someone much taller than me or curvier than me. I struggle to wear anything high-waisted as I have a bum and no waist. I can't wear strapless dresses because they never stay up. Yes, you can buy loads of books on this sort of thing but I recommend actually trying things on! That way you can see if the clothes really do fit you. You can always get an item altered too. However, don't focus on the parts of your body that you hate; complement those features that you do like. I'm super short but I have pretty long, shapely legs and curves in the right places.

2. Discover your style icon.

It can literally be anyone: a family member, your best friend or a famous person. For me, I have about a million! The easiest way to do it is to Google them! I often find that I don't like every single outfit that my style crushes wear.And it's fine to have a few women whose outfits you admire; how I want to dress for the day will depend on my mood. Some days I'm a bit rock 'n' roll, sometimes I'm preppy. That's why it's best to have a few. Also try to pick a couple that have similar body types, hair colour and skintone to you. For me, it's always been Rachel Bilson and Vanessa Hudgens.

3. Collate photos and create an inspiration board.

I have a collection of photos on my laptop of outfit ideas inspired by various bloggers and stylish celebrities and look at them often to see if I can replicate a similar outfit out of my own wardrobe. Remember to focus on the outfit and not the person wearing it though! I organise my folder by the item of clothing: dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, trousers etc so it's easy to access.

4. Dress appropriately for the occasion.

Seeing the grandparents or meeting the boyfriend's parents for the first time? Don't wear your cleavage-bearing bodycon dress that you'd wear to a nightclub. I'm not saying cover up every inch of skin but just use your brain a little. Certain events in life require a certain dress code: work/job interviews, weddings, christenings. Just bear in mind where you're going and who you plan on seeing. By all means, show off your assets but don't show off your assets if you get what I mean!

5. Invest in staple items, whatever they may be.

My wardrobe is mostly full of staple items. These are the clothes that you will wear over and over again and get mix and match them. For me, it's basic t-shirts, jeans, my leather skirt, stripy tops, and my leather jackets. For you it might be floral print dresses and bright colours. And when you find your staple items, buy them in bulk.

6. But take a risk every once in a while.

If you see an item you love, buy it! I usually stick with plain items but recently spotted a floral jumpsuit in H&M; tried it on and loved it (the boyfriend loved it!). It was also inexpensive but it looks great on. As long as you feel good in it, that's all that matters.

Do you have any more tips on personal style? Would anyone be interested in me doing a wardrobe staples post?


Yesterday's Mini-Beauty Haul

Despite being at work all day yesterday, I did manage to squeeze in a small spree. Because I get two half-hour dinner breaks, I don't have time to venture out into the clothes shops as they're all too far away but my local Wilko is a two-minute walk. I've seen several bloggers mention a new brand Essence that has just launched in the UK so I took it upon myself to visit its only stockist, Wilko! It's a place I often go for my beauty and skincare products as I find they have quite a few offers on branded items and I'm always buying my essential supplies there like cotton wool, cotton buds and make-up sponges. Here's the few bits and pieces I bought yesterday:

My mini-beauty haul!

Nail care is something I do not do enough of! I bite my nails when they're not painted but I am determined to look after them properly. I'm hoping that this cuticle cream will be worth the oh-so-expensive £2 price tag, haha! On the serious side though, I do need to take better care of my nails. That's why I've bought both a base coat and a top coat to keep my natural nails from looking drab.

I've been after a white eye pencil to make me look more awake for aaaaages so for £1, I thought why not? They have quite the range of mascara actually but I am insanely fussy on the brush. I only use the plastic ones that comb the lashes because they seem to work best for me and they have a couple in the range. I'll probably try them at some point to use against my No.7 one.

Wilko are completely revamping their health and beauty range and this includes their make-up brushes and hairbrush range. They've introduced a premium range and an everyday range too and this is the blusher brush from that range. As much as the premium range of brushes will be better quality, the everyday range look so much cuter! They're all patterned so I just had to buy! I also needed a new comb to part my hair and for only 50p, I should have really got a couple of them. They've also introduced a make-your-own-hairbrush range where you pick the patterned handle you want and then the brush to put on top of it. Such a good idea!

Finally, I bought a new sharperner because I'm forever trying to find one when my eyeliner has gone blunt. This might inspire me to sharpen the pencils more often. After my shop in Wilko, I popped into Poundland and found these bad boy sweets! I'm obsessed with Despicable Me and just had to buy them!

In total I spent just a mere £12.80 because the cosmetics are on a 3 for 2 offer in Wilko currently! I was tempted to buy some of the nail polish but I have no idea what colours I have and what colours I don't!

My only disappointment with the range that there are a LOT of nail care products. I think there were at least three shelves of nailcare, half a shelf of lipsticks/glosses, one for eyes and two for face products. Don't quote me of the exact numbers though! However as most of the products are under £4, I suppose I can't really complain. I've just ordered some more of the products from the website as it's free into store delivery!

Have you tried any Essence products yet? What do you think of them?


A Fresh Start

So after a long time away from blogging properly, I've decided to rebrand completely. The name, The English Everygirl, is actually inspired by a book that I will review soon. It's The Everygirl's Guide To Life (available at Amazon here); I read it from cover to cover and was re-inspired.

Previously writing Swiftly Style made me discover that I like to blog about topics other than just fashion. This blog will now cover more lifestyle topics as well as style and reviews of all sorts of products. I will also introduce more personal things.

My aim for my final year of uni starting October is to blog more and gain more experience. From next week, I will be writing on League Freak as rugby league is still one of my main passions.

Hopefully, those of you who enjoyed Swiftly Style will stick with me and maybe I'll get some new readers too! I'd be grateful for any comments on any posts too as it gives me a massive boost to know that people are reading my posts and I'm not just speaking to myself!

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