What's In My Gym Bag?

Once again, I am on a mission to get fit and healthy and today is the start of that. I shall be joining a gym this afternoon (my fourth attempt!); having a car now means it's a bit easier to fit in a workout than it was when I had to get a bus or even two to get to the gym! So in order to get myself motivated, I purchased some new trainers and will try to workout as much as I can. However, I know that I'm not going to be able to get to the gym every single day so I've set myself a target of going three times a week; then anything over this is a bonus!

Moving onto the actual blog post, I thought I'd give you all a peak at what's inside my gym bag.

This is a typical example of what I wear to the gym. I always always always wear a sports bra. Usually they're a bright colour like this one. Next up is my Beatles vest. I tend to keep old vests and tops for the gym. And lastly are my black yoga leggings. I have a rule for the gym when it comes to clothing. If I'm wearing shorts, I'll cover my shoulders. If I'm wearing longer bottoms, I'll wear a vest. I don't like to show too much skin.

Next up are my amazing new trainers. They're from the kids range because I'm only a size 4! When I bought them, the shop assistant suggested trying gel insoles to protect my feet which I was all in favour of! I always wear trainer socks with gym shoes too; these are only from Primark as I really do not see the point in buying expensive socks!

Here are my gym essentials (and all the things that don't fit in my toiletry bag!). Face wipes are so important to use before and after a workout. I never workout wearing make-up but it's vital to get rid of all the toxins produced during exercise that have built up on your face. Also a towel can come in handy for wiping down equipment as well as yourself. I also use them to cover the screens on cardio machines so I'm not constantly clock watching! I also have a sports watch which tracks my calories burned as well as working as a heart rate monitor.

I only take a small purse with some loose change in to the gym. Unless I know I'm going somewhere straight after, there's no point in carrying something bulky with all my discount cards in. It's only in case I forget my water bottle or something! Next up is this armband case for my iPod and headphones. Having an iPod classic has its advantages but they are fairly bulky. I saw this in Primark to hold it in during my workouts and thought it was perfect. Then it will be out of the way and I can focus on my workout without faffing about with my headphones! Music is so important for me during my workouts. Finally, for my gym, they require members to bring their own lock; this is just a cheap one from Wilko's.

Finally is my super girly Minnie Mouse toiletry bag. This has all my essentials in that I could possibly need. I tend not to shower at the gym because I can just shower when I get home but I always make sure I have deodorant and perfume with me. I also take antibacterial hand-wash (you know the stuff that doesn't need water) because I'm a hygiene freak! Other essentials are tissues, a mini hairbrush, a mini mirror, ibuprofen and Vaseline. Inside this purse are spare hair bobbles, grips and headbands. I rarely take make-up to the gym because I tend to go straight home afterwards!

And of course I always make sure that I have a bottle of water with me at all times! It's important to keep hydrated!

Do you have any gym essentials? Leave me a comment below :)


Tonight's Online Fashion Haul

Oh Internet shopping will be the death of me eventually! After not having the Internet for nearly two weeks, I feel like I owed it to my favourite shops to make a cheeky purchase tonight! And then 20% off emails landed in my inbox as if they knew I needed to spend some money! Those pesky voucher codes!

The first item I bought was this navy leather look skirt from Dorothy Perkins. For £24 I thought it was a steal anyway. I already own a black leather skirt and wear it pretty much all the time so it's going to be nice to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe.

Next up, I purchased these plum tartan trousers from New Look for £19.99. I've got loads of plain black, grey and white tops that need jazzing up so these are ideal. I also have a huge obsession with golf and my favourite golf player, Ian Poulter, is renowned for his dress sense (I'm not joking, type his name into Google right now!) and these are in honour of him I suppose!

I've been looking for a new parka for nearly two months now seeing as my khaki Asda one is just about on its last legs after a lovely 3 years together. I've ordered the black  one rather than the navy as I thought it would go with more colours.

Finally, I bought this cream chiffon blouse to add to my wardrobe. Again, I've got loads of skirts/shorts/skorts and very little to wear them with for night! This with one of them and a pair of heels will look dressy but not too dressy, if you get what I mean!

I've opted for collect from store delivery from both stores as it's free and more convenient for me to pick them up when I can.

If you want to purchase from them tonight, here are the codes:

Dorothy Perkins- COSMO20 (valid until midnight tonight)
New Look- FLASHTREAT (valid until 10pm tonight)

Be quick ladies though because they run out in a matter of hours!


Back-To-School Essentials Part 2: Clothing

Yesterday's part 1 showed you my stationary essentials for going back to education and now it's time to look at clothes. If you're going back-to-school, I appreciate that you have a uniform to wear but you can still accessorise!

When I was at school there were a few items I always had on to make me stand out:

  1. A headband- When Gossip Girl first started, I idolised Blair Waldorf and her headbands. I collected so many, mostly with bows on.
  2. A cool handbag- It has to be big enough for all of your books but it doesn't mean you have to get an ugly backpack. Now there are loads of cool backpacks out there as well as handbags for school. I always found the ones with loads of pockets were the best.
  3. Comfy black shoes- I had to wear black shoes for school but made sure they were always cute and comfy. This meant I wore pumps usually but then I found brogues and never looked back!
  4. Socks- Wearing brogues meant I could get away with wearing crazy socks!
  5. Earrings- I don't have my ears pierced but that was the only jewellery we were allowed to wear as long as they were small. There are loads of earrings on the high street to choose from too!
  6. A stylish coat and hat/scarves/gloves- Now summer has basically gone, it's so important to have a super cosy winter coat ready for the colder months. And I always have to have hats, scarves and gloves aswell because I'm always so cold! Whilst it's not so cold, opt for a leather jacket or a mac instead.
However, I do appreciate that the majority of my readers are in college or uni so we get to be a bit more creative with our clothing! However, I still believe that us students all have a few essential clothing items in common!
  1. Skinny jeans- we live in these. Great for a day at uni but great on a cold winter's night out with heels!
  2. A cosy jumper- I don't know about you but in huge lecture theatres, I get bloody freezing so a jumper is perfect for me!
  3. Lots of slouchy t-shirts- I have so many t-shirts mostly in plain colours and they're great for throwing on in a rush. I pair them with cardigans, blazers, skirts, jeans, shorts, everything really!
  4. Ballet flats- I just chuck these on before I run out the door when I'm running late!
  5. Sneakers- whether they're Converse, running trainers or Keds, they're great for when you want a more casual look
  6. A pair of good boots- Tan or black boots go with everything but you can pick whatever style suits you. Biker, riding, Chelsea- go for it!
  7. A practical bag- I own a cute backpack for days when I have loads to carry but I also have smaller handbags that still fit everything in.
  8. A dress that can be worn day or night- Any colour, any style but make sure you can wear it during the day for lectures and can dress it up for night. I usually opt for a plain-coloured dress so I can accessorise it.
  9. A winter coat- Just like my school essentials, us students still need a good winter coat!
  10. Items that suit your personality and style- Each one of us is different so different items matter most to us and suit us more. For me it's stripey tops and anything leather.
So there you have it, my fashion essentials for students! What items are your must-haves in your wardrobe?


Back-To-School Essentials Part 1: Stationary

Oh, the dreaded back-to-school/college/university time. However depressing it is going back into education after a lovely, long break, back-to-education shopping is my fave. I love stocking up on essentials, mostly stationary, clothing and accessories. Obviously when you're at school, it's difficult to have a fashionable first day but you sure can get stylish stationary that's both practical and pretty.

Stationary shopping is probably my favourite shopping; I love scouring the shops for all different pens and storage so I was over-the-moon to receive a stationary goodie bag from Viking Direct. This website is made for people like me. I also like to bulk buy items so I never run out and most of their items can be bought in bulk on the website. I'd hand-picked a couple of items from the website that I knew I was in need of.

First up are these fab stackable cubes. I am just as obsessed with storage as I am with stationary and this cube is perfect for storing those mini items that can just get lost in your bigger drawers such as paper clips, staples and pins. This will sit on my desk great on top of my other storage box!

Next up are these pack of permanent markers. These aren't really for me (my dad asked if he could have some) but they are something that we use all the time in our house.

Finally are these amazing Sharpies! These will be great for planning assignments and group projects at uni and I'm loving the bright, vivid colours!

As well as these items, here's my other essential stationary items that I buy every year:

  • Black biros- I use them on a daily basis, nuff said!
  • Coloured notebooks and lever arch folders for every subject/module- by colour co-ordinating each subject or module, it's easier to refer to.
  • Coloured highlighters- I also match these to the folders and notebooks.
  • Dividers for the folders- I tend to seperate each lecture and it's corresponding notes so again it's easier to refer to.
  • An academic diary- I actually have 3. I use the tiny one which sits in my handbag at all times (I tend to just use this one for work though). The day-a-page diary goes to uni with me as I write details about lectures in there such as location and recommended reading. I also have a week-to-view A4 diary sat on my desk and I tend to write everything in there too.
  • Wall planner- I have a huge pinboard and recently pinned a wall planner up there so I can refer to things quicker if I'm in a rush. 
  • Printer paper- I print off every lecture and handout for uni because I like to have a hard copy of them in my folders.
  • A new bag- I know it's not stationary but who doesn't love an excuse to buy a fabulous new handbag?!
What are your essentials? Are you heading off to a new school/college/uni? Comment below!

Disclaimer: I was sent these items from Viking but this is an honest review of them.