What I'm Watching

I've seen a few blogs do these sort of posts and I love seeing what others are watching and discovering new faves!

Total Divas

My boyfriend and I have been keeping up-to-date with the Americans viewing it by watching on Youtube. We're obsessed.

Glee Season 5

I'm watching this on DVD at the minute and spent a day off last week watching quite a few episodes! I'm in love with Rachel Berry and especially her style!


Season 2 has been on for a couple of weeks now and I am gripped. The only problem is that it's on the same time as Silent Witness and I love both!

Dance Moms

This show reminds me of my childhood which is always a good thing! Abby is a bitch but she really brings out the best in the kids. I'd have quit if she was my teacher though!

Mr Selfridge

Mr Selfridge is back! I really wish I lived during the early 1900s as I love the era completely. I can't wait for the rest of season 3 to continue!


Bikini Time!

bikini time

Even though I don't go on holiday until December, I'll be stocking up on bikinis early before I can't find any! These are a few of my faves that I've seen so far! Does anyone have any places they'd recommend for me to go to for cheap bikinis?


A Life-Changing Year

Up until now, I've never believed that one year can change everything or that just one person can change everything. Both of these have proved me wrong this year. And for once, a pessimist like me has had some bloody good luck in the past year. Never had I ever thought that someone would come into my life and turn it around like they have. Never had I ever thought that I was worthy of being loved and worthy of opening my heart to someone in the way I have.

I've never been one of those girls that's always had a boyfriend; I always had my nose buried in a book or dancing my passions away. Sure, I've dated a few but genuinely thought I'd never find that one special guy who would tick every box. And then Tom entered my life. We met on Twitter and after a few days of online conversation, we decided to go for it and had our very first bowling date, Tom always says he knew from the first day that he wanted to be with me (it took me a second date to make sure!) which is strange for me as no guy has ever thought that of me. I could list every single thing about Tom that makes him so amazing but that would just embarrass him! The main thing for me is how he makes me feel. Safe, loved, special, confident, happy. All of these feelings he instills in me have made me a much better, happier, healthier person than I was a year ago.

So tonight to celebrate our year, we went back to the root of it all: bowling. Most people go out for a fancy 3-course meal for their anniversary but as we were discussing on the way home, that's not us. We don't need one special day to define what our love is for another, every day is special and we express our love every day. Sure, it's amazing to say we've been together a whole year now but to be honest, it feels like we've been together forever. I am so comfortable around Tom, he knows everything about me and he's still here. And hopefully he'll be here for years to come.


Being a Dreamer

As I sit here watching Glee season 5 on DVD, it got me to thinking about how much I would have loved a spot on the show when I was younger. Up until the age of 11, it was my dream to be on stage. Most days I was at dance class straight from school and I'd stay for hours practising for shows, competitions and exams. Up until that point, my world revolved around dance. I missed birthday parties, lots of school, family gatherings, all because I had a rehearsal or a show. I still managed to get amazing school grades and hang out with my friends but dance was always number 1.

When I turned about 13, I got the opportunity to volunteer at a local radio station once a week with my friend. It was such a rush being live on air; I loved all of the researching aspects and learning the technical ropes. From that moment on, I knew that a career in the media was more for me. I slowly stopped going to dance, even though my love of it was still there, and put all of my efforts into the radio show. Unfortunately, the radio station lost its funding but for me, it was such an eye-opener. It inspired me to write and eventually start blogging.

As I near graduation, I have a pretty clear view of my short-term future. After my degree is finished, I will be going to college to get my journalism qualifications. Without them, I can't apply for any jobs in newspapers or magazines and it is nice to have the formal knowledge and skills which I currently don't have. For this I'll be getting a train every day and paying for the course. This means I have pure dedication with all the travel it will take and the amount it will cost!

I've always been a dreamer, I believe that it motivates me to work hard for what I want. However, my dreams have always been career-related. Now, they're a bunch of dreams. I still have my dream of being a presenter on Sky Sports News (and being a female sports journalist means you have to work even harder!) but this now links to my other dreams. Having a good job that I love means that I will be able to provide for my family and be able to have the nice things in life, such as a lovely home and a good car!

My non-career goals now are at level pegging with my career goals. Right now, I have the most perfect boyfriend, I have a job that I could potentially keep as a back-up career and I'm fairly healthy (well healthy-ish anyway). As an 11 year old at dance class, I would never have thought that this would be my life at 22. At that age, I'd have thought I'd be on stage singing and dancing but I guess dreams change.

I'm super happy and content with where I am but let's face it, dreamers are achievers.


Gossip Girl Day

26th January = Gossip Girl Day! (Yes, I know I'm a day late but I only just found out about this!) It started in 2012 as the Mayor of New York gave Gossip Girl the day to celebrate their 100th episode and for their contribution to the city. This is news to my ears as I am such a GG fan!

I've loved it since the very first episode in March 2008 when Serena arrived at Grand Central Station sporting a tan leather jacket, dark skinny jeans and my personal favourite, a Breton-striped top. I officially knew from that moment on that this was a show that I was going to fall in love with. I was 15 when the show first came out so throughout my later teenage years, I have tried to embody those girls in my everyday life. In school, I tried to dress as Blair Waldorf as much as I could with a bland school uniform. This meant a bow headband, a signature ring, girly socks and shoes and a fabulous handbag. Unfortunately no-one at school was really into GG like I was and then when I met my best friend, Amy, at college, I re-lived my Waldorf phase once again! I'd be watching an episode one night, note down an outfit, recreate my own version and Amy could tell who it was based on.

For me, it was the late '00s version of The O.C., which I love but was too young to appreciate it when it was first aired. Blair was always my favourite (my mum even says I remind her of her!) even though she's a bitch sometimes! There'll be a post to follow soon noting the many reasons why she is my idol.

The idea of yesterday was to post an #ootd inspired by your favourite GG character. As a twist, I've got two outfits for each of the three leading ladies: Blair, Serena and Jenny. My favourite outfits were always their idea of school uniform so one outfit will be a school outfit and the other a more general outfit.


Tartan? Check. Headband? Check. Splash of colour? Check. Blair was always my fashion icon growing up but now I'm not in school, I had to make her school uniform a bit more appropriate. This outfit would be perfect for a job interview (minus the socks of course!) or in the office.

Next up is an outfit inspired by Blair for a cocktail party. This dress is my favourite as it has sparkly thread running through it (everyone loves a bit of glitz!) and it's plain enough to dress up. Nude heels are a must to elongate legs and of course, in true Blair style, a headband is the must-have accessory, either a fascinator-style or a pearl headband with this dress.


Serena's school style is super laid-back; you see in half the episodes she literally does just throw her uniform on, shove her hair back and run out of the door and she looks flawless every time! This outfit was more planned than that! Serena always wear just basic items for school: plain tops, cardigans, knee-high socks. Then she'll jazz them up with shoes, bags and jackets.

This whole outfit is inspired by the first scene of the whole TV show. I don't own any knee-high boots but I thought Chelsea boots worked well with this outfit. I'd wear this for a day shopping or for dinner with friends. It's casual but with a classic and smart edge plus stripes are my things right now!


Season 3 Jenny took over from Blair as my style icon. I love that she was the edgy character on the show and that showed in her clothing. She wore a lot of navy in this season and was constantly rocking a leather jacket too. This is an outfit I'd wear to uni in the spring but with flats as I can't walk in heels!

Night-time Jenny is right up my street: dark colours, lots of leather and heels. I probably wear something similar during the day and on a night! I wear this skirt all the time anyway but this top complements it so well. However, I only wear these shoes when I'm going out for food as these are not dancing shoes!


Getting Back Into Routine

Now Christmas is finally out of the way, it's time to get organised once again. I pride myself on being super organised yet lately, it couldn't be further from the truth! For me, routine is more about balance than of a strict schedule. I have so much going on most of the time that I need to have a schedule. Most of all, I try not to make it too rigid because let's face it, spontaneous things happen! As one of my New Year's resolutions, I made it official that I need to be more organised and here are some of my top tips!

1. Wake up earlier

Even just 10 minutes a day earlier could be useful! I've always been someone who wakes up early anyway (anything after 8 is a lie-in to me) but I never used to use the time to do anything productive. Now I'm going to use it to workout in or make a to-do list! It's great to squeeze in a workout first thing because you then don't have to go into your day thinking that you have to exercise later!

2. Write everything down

With me going back to uni next week, it's s important for me to write things down for that or else I'll forget a deadline! However, when it's something not involving uni, I tend to put tasks to the back of my mind because I've forgotten about them. Now when I'm out and about, I'll jot it down as a note in my phone and add it to my planner when I get home. I try to have a to-do list for every day but don't put specific times to each task.

3. Tidy room, tidy mind

Right now as I type this, my room is a tip. I have Christmas/birthday presents all over the floor, magazines in a pile at one end of my room, a bag of soft toys currently to put on eBay and clothes galore. When my room is a mess, it makes me stress (rhyming genius or what!) and stress is verrrrry bad for me. Putting things back straight away is a good start.

4. Be ready for the next day

Getting your stuff ready for the following day before bed is actually one of my favourite things to do! I love packing my bag for uni and outfit planning. It means your mornings can be so much more productive if all of your stuff is ready! Instead of a 10-minute workout, you might be able to get in a 20-minute workout!



Today's Online Shopping Haul

Big news everyone! I'm going on my first proper holiday abroad in December with my boyfriend and his family! I'm super excited and have spent the past few days looking at bikinis. Unfortunately, at this time of year, there's not a huge amount to choose from. As per usual, I decided to look at winter/spring clothes as I've had a huge wardrobe sort-out and need to fill it up! And surprise, surprise, I spent a few pennies online. After that spree, I am now not spending any money on clothes unless it is a bargain too good to miss!

Top row (left to right): White Side Split Shell Top (£6.99),  Dark Grey Ribbed 3/4 Sleeve Mini Dress (£14.99), White 'Nothing to Wear' T-shirt (£7.99)
Bottom row (left to right): White Utility Shirt (£12.99), Grey Roll Cowl Neck Swing Jumper (£10.00), Cream Rib Quilted Sweater (14.99)
Left to right: Jersey Print Top (£9.99), Black Joggers (12.99), Black Oversized Jumper (£12.99)


I'm Feeling 22! and My London Haul

So as you guessed by the name of the post, I turned 22 on Wednesday! And where did I spend my day? In my favourite city, London of course, shopping the day away! I may have spent a few too many pennies but surely you can forgive a girl on her birthday? Anyways, here is my shopping haul!

Pull and Bear

Tan cardigan, slogan t-shirt and white sweatshirt (not available online)
Total spend: £32.97

Grey jumper (not available online), stripey slogan top (not available online), black joggers and black jeans
Total spend: £52.96

Forever 21

Dark skinnies (petite leg)
Black V-neck, lilac V-neck, white V-neck and black slogan t-shirt
Owl socks (not available online), milk bottle socks (other two pairs not available online)
Total spend: £37.50
New Look

Blue studded top and stripey top
Total spend: £22.48

Stripey top
Total spend: £12.90
I also ended up in Victoria's Secret and bought my favourite underwear offer (5 for £20) but I got them for £18 this time!

All in all, I spent quite a bit of money but I tried to buy staple pieces and ones that I can mix and match with the things I already own. Recently I've tried to clean up my wardrobe and get rid of the clothes that I never wear or rarely wear and keep only the pieces that fit well. This means I've got significantly less clothing than I did have! Nevertheless, I'm going for a minimalist approach in terms of style right now. I've recently discovered Caroline's blog and was in awe of her capsule wardrobe idea! She's inspired me that less is more and by creating a capsule wardrobe with only 37 items, I can create endless looks! Seriously, check out her blog!


My Life Lately: Hello 2015

I am so excited for this year. My 22nd birthday will be here in a matter of days, my boyfriend comes back on holiday shortly after that and then my year will change dramatically when I (hopefully) graduate from university in September! I'm not big on New Year celebrations (this year I spent it with my boyfriend, his parents and his best friend at his house eating curry and watching rubbish TV) but I love the idea of starting afresh in a new year. I love getting time to assess everything that's happened during the past year and setting goals for the year to come. Since I spent the last couple of days with my boyfriend before he went away, I'm a little late to the party but here goes!


Health & Fitness

1. Exercise as much as I can

I've planned my workout schedule for the whole of January already and aim to stick to it as much as possible. Even if I can't do a full workout, I'd at least like to squeeze in something. Firstly, one aim is to do a HIIT workout first thing using only my bodyweight; hopefully this will give me more energy throughout the day. Secondly, I want to start doing yoga before bed every night to destress; this will also give me a few minutes a night to just relax and chill out. Finally, I have a few fitness DVDs and I want to make use of them! I plan on picking one DVD a month to work through and then if I decide I don't like it, I can get rid of it after that.

2. Get up earlier to fit in a morning workout

I wake up at 8 when I have a day off anyway but I'm going to start getting up an hour earlier to get in my morning workout; then it's done for the day! I've created a cardio workout for first thing that's only about 10 minutes long so if I'm at work that day, I can get up just 15 minutes earlier! Believe me, I love sleep but sometimes I think I've been getting too much sleep!

3. Write a health journal- food, fitness, water

I bought a template off an Etsy store to use as my fitness journal. It included a weight and measurement tracker, exercise log, food log and a water intake sheet. Like I said earlier, I'm planning my workouts for the next month and including them on this journal so I can just log them as I go every day. It only cost me about £3 anyway!

4. Cut down on junk food

My diet is so bad. I don't eat any fruit or veg and I never have. Eventually I might try some but that will take time. Instead of eating healthier, I'm aiming to just cut down on snacking and junk food and eat more protein and healthy carbs. Back to the chicken and rice lifestyle! As I'm working lots over the next month or so, I need to start making my lunch at home rather than buying my lunch in town; the only places close enough to my work are Burger King and Greggs!

5. Limit myself to one milky hot chocolate a day

This is key when I'm at work. I live in Starbucks. However when I'm at home, I always use whole milk to make my hot chocolates which is really bad for you! I need to start using hot water instead!

Beauty & Fashion

1. Create a skincare routine for day and night- and stick to it!

This is already in practice as we speak! Because I have sensitive skin, there are very few products that I can use but Nivea are my go-to range now. I have their cleanser, toner, day cream and night cream. I still use make-up wipes on a night but then use miscellar water to make sure all of my pores are fully cleaned! As well as this, I plan on using a face mask once a week and a deep conditioning mask for my hair once a week too!

2. Experiment with make-up more

In fairness, I don't wear make-up too often; I tend not to wear it much to uni as I usually have performing arts rehearsals after my lectures and hate make-up dripping down my face as I'm trying to dance! However, I do like applying make-up, I'm just not very good at it! I suppose it looks like you've put more effort in. Recently I haven't been wearing make-up around because I'm so comfortable around him. However, when we have our date nights, I'm going to start making more effort in terms of make-up. He loves me in red lipstick but it's not exactly ideal for him if he wants a kiss!

3. Only buy clothes when I really need them and create a capsule wardrobe

I love clothes but recently I've been buying so many! After my birthday trip to London, I'm going to not buy any clothes unless it is too good a bargain to refuse. This also goes for make-up and toiletries. I'll only buy if I've ran out of something.

I have loads of clothes but still wear the same few. This year, I want to establish my own persoanl style and pick staple items that I'll wear over and over again, rather than on just a few occasions!

University, Work & Organisation

1. Work hard to get a good grade in my degree

It's scary to think that I graduate in July! I've got so much work to do and for definite I will not leave everything until last minute this semester! I only have my mini-dissertation in terms of essays, a couple of presentations and two exams and then I'm done. I need to learn from my mistakes previously and get those higher grades!

2. Write freelance for more websites

I've had some experience with this previously but struggled to manage my time around everything that I have going on right now. Which leads me to my next point...

3. Organise my time more

Sunday nights are the best time for me to be able to do this. I finish work at half 2 and then the night is mine. Instead of coming home and watching TV all night, I'm going to make the most of my Sunday afternoons/nights by using them to organise my week ahead and then pamper myself. I've got 4 diaries so I've really got no excuses! This includes work shifts, revision and uni work, blog posts, performing arts rehearsals, date nights and me-time!


1. Have a huge clearout

We're moving house soon and this means having a brutal clearout. If I don't use the item, it's going to the charity shop/on eBay/tip/family and friends. This goes for books, DVDs, clothes, shoes, cuddly toys. Anything, you name it!

2. Read more

I love reading but the only things I've read recently are Women's Health and marketing journal articles for uni. I want to start reading more classics. I might start reading for 20 minutes before bed every night actually!

3. Bake more

My life goal is to become the new Mary Berry; however I am a shit baker. The only thing I can bake are cupcakes and brownies. I've bought a new baking book with 500 recipes in and I want to get through as many as possible this year! I hope to share them on the blog if they're presentable enough!

4. Save, save, save!

With us moving house, I need to save to decorate my new bedroom. Also, when I leave uni, I'm going back to college full-time so might not be able to work. Also, I want to move in with my boyfriend sooner rather than later so I want to save up as much as humanely possible!

5. Enjoy living in the moment

I get stresses far too easily and this year I want to enjoy life and appreciate what I have.