Brit Awards 2015: Red Carpet Fashion

Last night I didn't actually watch the Brits last night (Bake Off and Strictly win in our house!) but I was eager to see the dresses worn as always!

Queen T strikes again. Sophisticated, sexy, chic. Nuff said.

The Little Mix girls slayed it on this carpet! Jesy looks like a modern-day Jessica Rabbit, Perrie looks sleek in gothic black, Leigh-Anne looks sexy in nude and Jade looks show-stopping in monochrome.

Kim K vamps up the sex appeal once again. This is one of my favourite looks of her in a long time as it's pretty revealing without showing too much.

Taylor Swift's bestie, Karlie Kloss, looks just like a supermodel here. White is very tricky to pull off on a red carpet and she smashes it.

Paloma Faith is one of my favourite red-carpet stars to see. She usually wears something really outlandish and unique so this dress is quite tame for her. This is my favourite look of the night.


How To Declutter Your Wardrobe: Drawers Edition

Part 2 of the de-cluttering series; this week focuses on sorting out those drawers. Now I know we all have a junk drawer that we just throw everything into when we can't be bothered to put them away properly. Instead, my favourite tip is to have a box on top of your bedside table or somewhere visible that you can dump things in. If it's visible, you're more likely to eventually empty it when it's overfilling. This way, that top drawer can be used for something useful!

I have a 2 by 3 chest of drawers that my dad built which are built-in next to my wardrobes. Because he knows how much crap I have, he made sure they were fairly wide and deep drawers. So on the left side:
  • Top drawer- This is my toiletries drawer In here, I have two storage bins, side by side and only keep stuff I use regularly in there. Predominantly, I keep tablets, cotton wool, spare deodorant and my manicure set; basically, it's anything that I might need to hand quickly.
  • 2nd drawer- This is my socks/tights drawer. My regular ankle socks are kept in the bulk of the drawer; I keep trainer socks in separate bin inside the drawer and tights are tucked to the side. As I wear ankle socks more, it makes more sense for them to have the main space in the drawer.
  • 3rd drawer- This is possibly my favourite drawer: the stationary drawer. I have three sections in this one: a box on the right side with smaller extras in it (tape, calculator, post-it notes), smaller things in drawer divider in the front left (stapler, staples) and right at the back, I have clipboards ad spare refill pads. For me, by keeping all of this together, I know exactly where to find it. If it's not in there, it means I don't have it!
On the right side:
  • Top drawer- I keep make up in a cutlery tray; it's nothing fancy but I separate eyes, lashes, lips and face. For a blogger, I don't have a huge amount of make-up so it is more than enough space for me. On the right side of the drawer, I keep my bras on the right; these are neatly filed one behind the other so I can see exactly what I have.
  • 2nd drawer- Next, I keep my knickers in a drawer divider on the right and PJs in other half of drawer; here I keep long bottoms at the back and short sets at the front.
  • 3rd drawer- This is basically my memories drawer- old certificates, photos, general memories. About once a year, I go through this drawer to reminisce and often find I can dispose of certain things in there.
I also have a separate set of transparent drawers for some of my other clothes:
  • Top- workout bottoms
  • 2nd- workout tops- sports bras, t-shirts/vest
  • 3rd- vests, tight tees, cotton scarves
  • 4th- baggy tops, basically in-house tops
For my toiletries, I either store them in the bathroom. For those other ones that don't require the use of water, I store them in a basket on top of my chest of drawers. Items such as nail varnish remover, face wash and dry shampoo are stored in here.

For smaller items, I store them in baskets on a shelf. I have 5 in total:
  • 1- moisturiser, cotton pads/buds
  • 2- hair bobbles
  • 3- perfume
  • 4- hair grips
  • 5- other face stuff: face mask, exfoliator, hair mask
My main tip for de-cluttering your drawers is to take one drawrr at a time. Empty the contents of the drawer on the floor/on your bed and sort out the contents into piles: keep, maybe, throw, donate. Then clean the drawer and then place the items back into the drawer.

Unfortunately, my camera is on the blink so photos may have to follow at a later date!


Things I Love Part 2

People seemed to enjoy last week's Things I Love post so here is another installment!

26. Love
27. My perseverance
28. That when one door closes, another one really does open.
29. Binge watching TV shows
30. Having an alphabetical CD/book/DVD shelf
31. The Beatles
32. Taylor Swift
33. Learning new things
34. Pizza
35. Most sports
36. Rugby league, in particular though!
37. When you couldn't be bothered to shower but when you're in there, you don't want to get out
38. Being warm
39. Doing laundry (I know I'm weird!)
40. Hair accessories with bows on them: bobbles, headbands etc.
41. Actually, anything you wear that has a bow on it!
42. Stripey clothing
43. Leather jackets
44. Gathering Pinterest ideas for my new bedroom
45. Wifi
46. Finding a bargain
47. New clothes
48. Fitness magazines
49. Trying new restaurants
50. Scouring the web for outfit inspiration


Oscars Fashion 2015

The biggest night in the film calendar and most of us girls don't really care about the films; it's all about the red carpet fashion of course! Last night there were some interesting looks; I didn't really think anyone took a massive risk but they were still some gorgeous dresses. Here are some of my favourites.

Dakota Johnson is my new obsession; thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey she has found her way into the limelight. This Saint Laurent red dress is stunning. I love how it's plain with the embellished shoulder. It's sexy but classy. I also love how she's kept it simple adding just bracelets and a clutch. My favourite part is the fact that she's rocking a ponytail on the red carpet!

Next is Rosamund Pike in Givency Haute Couture. This dress has a floral applique covering it which makes it almost a 3D dress. I love how the split is at a nice length rather than revealing her bum. I like the side detail and waistband that just break up the dress.

Giuliana Rancic in Mireille Dagher and more florals on the carpet. Red is my favourite colour and these three ladies prove that any hair colour or skintone can wear it! This dress in particlar, I love the cap sleeves. It's sheer but still looks classy.

Jennifer Lopez stunned in Ellie Saab. This dress is both pretty and sexy. It's cleavage-baring and nude so it blends in with her skin but also has all the detailed beading on it and looks princess-like.

Keira Knightley is blooming currently whilst pregnant and I love that she chose this floral-print Valentino dress to showcase that. She looks like an English rose.

Jennifer Aniston not in black on the red carpet! I genuinely love how she sticks with the same style of dress: figure-hugging. This Versace nude number fits her body perfectly and I love how it's glittery.

America Ferrara in this flowy green Jenny Packham dress looks simply stunning. This colour looks great on olive-skinned girls and I love how it fits her body. The belt is a nice touch to break up the fabric.

Anna Kendrick in a gorgeous coral Thakoon gown is stunning. I love her red carpet style, how she's not afraid to wear colour. This coral colour goes perfectly with her skintone and I love the keyhole cut-out.

Emma Stone in yellow Ellie Saab is the biggest risk of the night. And how stunning does she look? Yellowy gold is not a colour that everyone can pull off but she sure can.

Chrissy Teigen is one of my girl crushes; she always looks amazing. She just oozes sex appeal and this Zuhair Murad sparkly gown. I am obsessed with the light blue  colour and all the beading. Leg and cleavage is usually a no-no but she looks hot and she's a supermodel so she gets a free pass.

Jamie Chung in Yanina Couture is a surprise entry to my best dressed list. I can't imagine she got much media attention as she's not a huge star but she should be in this dress! Nude and navy are a surprise mix but when you add in sparkle, anything goes.

Finally is Jenna Dewan-Tatum who always looks amazig on her husband's arm. Here she is wearing a white Zuhair Murad dress. More sparkles on the carpet and more cleavage. This dress is gorgeous but still subtle.



This Week #4

I want to apologise for not posting since Wednesday! I have had so much uni work to do. Big news this week: I have 2 main roles in our Performing Arts showcase. Twice a year, we put on a show ad perform various songs from different musicals. This year, I will be one of the six leads in Cell Block Tango from Chicago. I'm so proud of myself for getting this role as it involved both a singing and a dance audition. Not being big-headed but I smashed my dance audition. I tried so hard in it to prove myself for a part and my hard work paid off! Here's the video from the film (I'll be singing the part of the 2nd soloist!):

Next week, I should be back to normal with work and revision. Nevertheless, here's a recap of the posts I did put up this week!

I'm really happy with how my posts have been received this week too!



How To Declutter Your Room: Wardrobe Edition

If you read my blog regularly, you'll know how obsessed I am with being organised. This also includes my wardrobes and drawers. I'm also obsessed with clothes, cleanliness and being tidy. My wardrobe genuinely is my pride of joy. I know that might sound materialistic but pretty much everything in there, I have worked hard to buy. Over the years, I've learnt a few tips and tricks about decluttering and organising. First up in the series are my tips for organising your wardrobe efficiently. 

  1. Take everything out of your wardrobe if you can. If not take most of it out. For me, I have a top half and a bottom half so I just take half of it out.
  2. Try everything on. Make sure you have a mirror close-by or have a friend there to help you out.
  3. Decide what to do with the items. I sort my clothes into four piles. If it fits, it goes in the keep pile. If it's in good condition still but I don't wear it, it goes in the eBay pile. If it's an item that won't sell, it goes in the donate pile. If it's discoloured or in poor condition, it goes in the throw pile.
  4. Put all of the keep clothes back into your wardrobe for now and go through the other three piles again. Sometimes I find that I can sell something from the donate pile on eBay or that a throw-away item isn't that bad and can be given to charity.
  5. Put all of the items in these three piles in bin-liners or boxes and put them to one side. Make sure you label the bags/boxes though!
  6. Take your keep pile back out of your wardrobe to sort out. By sorting out, I like to sort my clothes by type (t-shirts, blouses, cardigans, skirts, jeans etc.) and then by colour in each section. 
  7. If certain items aren't in season (say it's summer and you've got loads of winter clothing), either hang them in the hard-to-reach places or pack them away in those vacuum bags or suitcases.
  8. Make sure that everything is hung up correctly and invest in new hangers if needs be.
Recently when I last had a clear-out, I created a section for items that I didn't want to get rid of but haven't worn at all or in a while. That way, if I don't wear them in the next couple of months, I can sell them straight away.


Things I Love Part 1

There are many things I love in this world so I thought I'd make a list about it. These sort of posts are my favourite to read by bloggers to find out a bit more about them.

  1. My boyfriend
  2. My family
  3. My friends
  4. Singing
  5. Dancing
  6. Writing/blogging
  7. Cuddling
  8. Hot chocolate
  9. The feeling after you've exercised
  10. Laughing s hard you need to pee/you ache
  11. Nights in
  12. Being organised
  13. List making
  14. Stationary
  15. Being cosy
  16. Baking
  17. Falling asleep next to Tom
  18. Waking up next to Tom
  19. The feeling of butterflies I get when I'm around Tom
  20. eBay
  21. Putting shuffle on my iPod and finding a gem of a song
  22. Drinking water
  23. Transitioning my wardrobe between seasons
  24. Looking presentable
  25. Feeling happy with my life


Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Last night, I had my traditional Valentine's date with my best friend that included Nando's and Fifty Shades.My friend annoyingly had already seen it the night before with her boyfriend and old me that I would have a bit to say about it!

If you've read the books, you'll see that there are huge holes in the movie. The important scenes in the book are included in the film but are not integral in it. The scene at Christian's parents house where Ana meets his family is a fairly short scene and we see very little of every character other than Ana and Christian.

My main issue with the critics' reviews is that there is not enough sex. For me, I think there was more than enough sex in it; for god's sake, it's a cinema release, not a porno. The sex scenes included were done tastefully and shot beautifully, although if you don't like boobs, you'll see a lot of them!

My favourite part of the film is the portrayal of the characters. Dakota Johnson as Ana is the perfect casting but she plays her very different to the book. In the film, she is naive, yes, but she is also strong and sexy. The confidence she must have in her body must be incredible to be completely naked on-screen and quite frankly, I am jealous of that confidence. She is very comfortable with herself and who she is and no, she does not compromise on that. I firmly believe that Christian brings out her extrovert side that was already in there. It annoys me that people are basically saying Christian is abusing her. She fully agrees to experiment and Christian wants her to be comfortable. I think the contract is a great idea and it shows how far she is willing to go and it shows that she is strong-willed. Johnson gives her a backbone unlike in the book and I actually think the character is better on screen than she is in the books.

By far, the sexiest scene is the boardroom scene when they are going over the terms of the contract. No sex involved but it's all about the intensity. Ana gives as good as she gets in this scene outlining her limits. For me, this is by far the best scene.

I also love how in his own way, Christian loves Ana in every single way. He falls for her when she is shy and loves her submissive and rebellious side. I actually think he is a romantic; after all, there's a lot of firsts for him too. I love how they evolve as a couple together. Ana brings out Christian's softer side and Christian brings out Ana's rebellious and experimental side and this will only continue in the sequels. He wants to give her romance which she desires, he just struggles on how to show it.

In terms of a couple, they do what every couple should do- they bring out the best in each other. He wants to bring out the best in her and she does in him. The amount of trust between them is compelling and their chemistry is incredible. The fact that they can't go a couple of days without seeing each other is what every couple dreams of.

To me, the film is a lot more than just sex scenes. It's about a man helping a girl to realise her full potential and instill her with confidence and passion and at the end of the day, isn't that what every girl wants?


This Week #3

Sunday is here once again which means it's time to recap the week on my blog. I think I'm going to stick with blogging new posts Monday-Friday and having the recap on a Saturday or Sunday. Good plan?

Thursday: Saving Money

A mixture of posts here this week, is there anything you'd like me to write about?


Food, Fitness and Fun Survey

Seeing as I've just joined a new gym, I thought it was fitting to do this survey. I saw it on Chrissy's blog which is one of my faves for when I need fitspiration!

1. What did you eat for breakfast?

I tend not to eat breakfast as I can never fully stomach food first thing. I tend to have a yoghurt when I wake up and then have a couple of slices of toast mid-morning. If I'm at work, I have dinner at around 11.

2. How much water do you drink a day?

During the week, I don't drink anywhere near enough! On weekends at work, I drink about three litres. During the week, I try to aim for two.

3. What is your current favourite workout?

At the moment whilst I get back into fitness, I'm aiming for 20-30 minutes cardio in the gym and then 15 minutes stretching. I'm hoping when I'm comfortable with this, that I can add in more targeted exercises either at the gym or when I get home. I'm also looking into the classes at the gym and seeing which ones will fit into my schedule,

4. How many calories do you eat a day?

For me, I try not to count calories. I eat when I'm hungry and am trying to eat several small meals a day rather than snacking on chocolate and crisps constantly. It's really helping to keep myself busy so I don't think about food.

5. What are your favourite healthy snacks?

I've just tried frozen yoghurt for the first time and love it! I also eat a lot of chicken so buy chicken skewers and warm them up in the microwave for a snack.

6. What do you usually eat for lunch?

Chicken sandwiches are my go-to. I love bread so would never cut that out of my diet.

7. What's your favourite body part to strength train?

Like Chrissy, I love doing upper body moves as well as abs.

8. What's your least favourite body part to strength train?

Lower body for sure. I have dodgy knees so struggle to do lunges and squats for long periods of time.

9. Do you take vitamins or supplements?

I take lots of vitamins. In a morning, I take a chewy multivitamin, Vitamin D and an allergy tablet. Then with tea, I take an iron tablet and a vitamin B complex tablet. Before I go to bed, I take a zinc tablet too.

10. Who is your biggest supporter?

My boyfriend om is the person who pushes me the most to be a better version of myself.

11. Do you have a gym membership?

I do now, I'm at JD Gyms.

12. How many hours of sleep do you get a night? 

I aim for eight hours a night. If not, I must have at least 6 or I'm super grumpy in the morning!

13. What has been the best thing that has changed since you committed to the healthy lifestyle?

Well I'm only on day three so I can't really comment as of yet!

14. What was the last healthy thing you did?

I did a few stretches when I woke up.

15. What is one of your fitness goals this year?

I want to try different ways of getting fit such as classes but my main goal is to stick with it. I need to schedule in my workouts around the rest of my life.

I'm such a fussy eater that my diet will always be a work in progress but I'm determined just to cut back on junk food and exercise regularly. I'm aiming to lose a bit of weight but for me it's about getting healthy and feeling good!


Saving Money

I would be the first to admit that I like spending money. However, this month has been a bit of a spending spree. However, from today onwards, I am only spending money on necessities. I have plenty of clothes in my wardrobe, I've stocked up on toiletries and I have nothing significant to pay out. However, I usually am good at saving money and spending within my means. My parents have brought me up to only spend what I can afford and give me a good value of money. Here are my top tips for saving:

1. Open up a seperate savings account to your main bank account.
My savings account is an ISA as the rates tend to be better than a regular savings account. The best things about this is that I can take money out when I need to if I have a large purchase to make.

2. Transfer money regularly to your savings account.
I always transfer my student loan across to my ISA as soon as it comes in. At the end of every month, I also transfer my remaining balance when my new pay packet from work comes in.

3. Look out for special offers and plan shopping trips
I only buy skincare when it's on a special offer, I tend to buy clothes when I have a money-off voucher or student discount from a website, I go into bargain shops to hunt out those good deals. I'm always in my local Home Bargains, Poundland and Discount UK looking for deals on food, toiletries and stationary.

4. Make social activities as cheap as possible
Don't get me wrong, I love going out for food but my friends are all about saving money too. We only go out about once a month for food and I often have them round for a DVD day and serve a mini-buffet for dinner. For dates, Tom and I just end up grabbing a pizza or a curry from Asda and watch TV at one of our houses. We also only go out on dates about once a month at the moment. We've both just joined a new gym for £16 a month so we'll go there as much as possible.

5. Sell your old stuff and make money online
I sell old textbooks, clothes and cuddly toys on eBay. I wouldn't say I make much money but the money I make is my clothing budget. I also take part in surveys online and before you know it, you've got enough points to have a £10 Amazon voucher!

6. Put all change in a jar at the end of the day
I will always have a piggy bank. Any copper and silver, other than 50ps, go in a tub that I count every couple of months and put it into my bank account, I often find I've got at least £100 in the tub when it comes to the time to empty it! I also save £1 coins for parking that I keep in a seperate purse.

I love being able to have enough money in savings to fund my future. I don't have a huge amount but by adding a small amount to it every month, I have a cushion should I ever need it.


TV Fashion: Hart of Dixie

As I always say, I need to watch the things I own before I buy more. Then the problem is you buy series 1 of something and get addicted to it so buy series 2-4! (PLL, I'm looking at you) Then I looked back in my DVD cupboard and found Hart of Dixie. I think I bought it on an offer from Amazon a while ago after seeing a couple of episodes when it was first broadcast. Now, I'm up to episode 5 and love it already!

The main reason I love it is Rachel Bilson. She'll always be Summer from The OC to me but nevertheless, Rachel isn't Summer! However, her fashion is so on-point! Never have I seen such a stylish doctor! Here are some of my favourite outfits from season one:

The first outfit of the series. Smart shorts are my fave!
Stripes and smart trousers are perfect for a casual office.
More shorts. This look is something I'd definitely wear.
I think these are leather shorts rather than a skirt but this look is super cute!
Lace dresses look super sexy and sophisticated.
Sparkly stripes and beige shorts are perfect for the summer.
More perfect officewear with this grey draped dress.
LBD, heels and a black leather jacket? This look suits everyone.
Disco-style shorts= yes please!
Such a sexy dress, I want it!
I desperately need a shirt-dress and this one would be perfect for me!
Another sexy dress, very Herve Leger.
Rachel Bilson has always been one of my style icons because she has a similar figure to myself- petite, slim, brunette. In Hart of Dixie, she wears a lot of smart clothing for the office and boy does she rock shorts! Minidresses don't look so short on us petites so she rocks those too!

Do you have any characters whose style you love? Shall I keep this as a permanent series? Leave your comments below!


Fitnesswear Wishlist

This week, I shall be signing up to a new gym and even though I already have loads of gymwear, I still love searching for more!


leggings shorts

All the links can be found by clicking the links in the Polyvore site.



My Struggle With Food

Today we're getting all personal on the blog. For me this has been a post that I've thought about writing about for a long time but never had the strength to do so until now. I admire those bloggers who can share their deepest, most personal details so maybe I might inspire even one person to speak up.

For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with food. Up until the age of about three, all I ate were chips. Then after that, it became pizza and chips until I was about seven. Gradually, I began to try different things but it's still little variety compared to everyone else. It got that bad when I was about ten that I went to see a dietitian. She was a typical doctor and told me to eat fruit and vegetables. In one hand, I blame my parents for not force-feeding me as a child. At the age of ten, she was basically calling me anorexic. I knew it wasn't true but it didn't stop people from calling me it. It was eating but because of my lack of diet and my regular, often grueling dance classes, I was alarmingly thin.

When I got to secondary school, it got worse. This is when my lack of eating turned into an eating disorder. I was going to dance four to five nights a week for several hours, playing netball twice a week and sometimes only eating at dinner because I was at school. Somehow I still managed to have loads of energy to do it all as well as keep my grades sky high.

When I turned 13, I decided to cut back with dance and by fourteen, I'd quit completely. Even then, my eating habits didn't change. Up until I was 16, I was still managing to get through the day with one meal inside me.

It turned really bad when I started college. I only lasted three months at one college as I quit in December 2009. From then to when I started a new college the following September (2010), I ate all the time. For some strange reason, I wasn't putting on any weight even though I wasn't exercising but I still felt fat. This is also the time that I developed depression. I barely left the house apart from to go to work, I fell out with most of my friends and was so alone.

In September 2010, I started a brand new college where I knew very few people and knew I had to make an effort. I managed to eat three times a day by having breakfast at college before my classes started, having a regular lunch time and eating with my parents when I got in. I made new friends, I looked healthier, I'd finally got an interest in boys. I'd stopped dancing but started the gym with a new friend and we went at least three times a week, usually after or before college. However, I had a dark secret that most of them to this day still probably don't know about. I was suffering with bulimia. I was eating a normal amount and working out regularly but during the night, I'd wake up and make myself throw up. It all spawned from me fancying a boy and him not fancying me back. It set off alarms in my head that the reason was because I wasn't skinny enough. The rejection gave me zero self-confidence but I was able to mask it in public. By throwing up everything I ate, it gave me the control over myself. When it comes down to it, it was psychological more than anything else.

This disease was apparent in my life until I was in my second year of university. If you follow my blog, you'll have read previously how much I don't like the experience but my second year gave me clarity. I finally realised what I was doing to my body. After seeking help on online forums, I slowly began to recover. In order to make friends, I joined a society doing something I enjoy and started to make an effort. I was dealing with it in my own way.

As of now, I've realised that my health is more important than what I look like. I've tried to cut down on snacks and junk food, but I haven't got rid of them completely. I've started drinking three litres of water a day to stay alert. I'm eating several small meals a day rather than two huge ones. I'm joining a new gym this week and will be starting society rehearsals next week too. I've also looked into joining a new dance school. I still have my bad days where I overeat or don't eat at all. I still look in the mirror and don't like what I see but I'm starting to see a woman who has overcome lots of obstacles.

I'm far from someone preaching about fitness and eating habits you must do but I think it's about time that people see eating disorders as a major problem. If anyone out there is struggling, drop me an email (it's on the sidebar at the top) or even if you just want to talk to someone. I know many bloggers have gone through a similar experience on this so just know, you're not alone and you can get better.


This Week #2

So uni week is done with on the blog, unlike in real life! Here's a quick round-up of the posts from the past week:

Friday: My Study Tips

Most of the posts this week have been very text-heavy so I apologise for that! Do you like themed weeks on blogs?

P.S. I'm doing this post a day early because I have far too much to do on Sunday so I'll be taking the day off from blogging! See you all on Monday!


My Study Tips

So it's the end of the first week back at uni where they tell you to start revising right away for exams that are months away. At school I didn't used to mind doing exams as there was always time to resit them but this time as I near graduation, it's imperative that I full focus on them or I won't be able to graduate!

My main tip with studying is to do lots of smaller chunks rather than a full day's worth of revising. I struggle to sit down at my desk for a full day and take notes without getting distracted or bored or uncomfortable!

Here are the rest of my top tips:

  1. Schedule your revision in. For me, I often have lots of chapters to read so by grouping a couple together, I sit down for a couple of hours and focus on that. For that reason, I plan this well in advance. I like to write my revision timetable in my diary but then write it up on paper to stick on my pinboard so I can see it every time I enter my room.
  2. Buy yourself a diary/planner. My last tip ensures that I need one anyway! I spread the reading out evenly and write down which chapters I need to read on which day. I always leave time at the end of the week (usually Sunday nights) in case I need to recap an area.
  3. Buy your materials in advance. For summer exams, most people start revising at Easter so the prices of materials go up and then it can be difficult to find them anyway! I tend to buy my stationary in January but to be honest, I buy it throughout the year because I have a slight addiction! 
  4. Clean your study space. My desk is one of my favourite places in the house; it's my private space that I only sit at for work. For that reason, when I don't have any work to do, it ends up piled full of books and magazines just because I have nowhere else to put them! When it's serious revision time, I allocate my hour or so to make sure I clear it of clutter and give it a proper clean.
  5. Remove distractions. As I study upstairs, I leave my phone downstairs and most of the time, I leave my laptop hidden away too as I tend to use books to revise. I like to creating a relaxing environment so I always study with the radio playing but I know some people prefer to revise in silence.
  6. Take regular breaks. I tend to have a 50:10 rule. 50 minutes study warrants a 10 minute break when I usually go to check my phone, fill up my water bottle, grab a bite to eat and stretch my legs. 
  7. Keep hydrated! Water is so important; it allows your brain to function properly which for that reason alone, it is vital to drink up when you're studying. I aim for about 2-3 litres a day so I fill up my water bottles in the morning and store them in the fridge until I need them.
  8. Let in the light. My desk is situated right next to my window which is great.  usually keep a window open too to let in some fresh air. I find I focus more with sunlight rather than on a night.
  9. If you don't understand something, ask. I tend to ask girls in my class first as they tend to explain things better than a lecturer can. But if all else fails, I'll make a list of questions and go see my lecturer. I find they prefer this rather than bombarding them with emails.
  10. Focus but still make time for yourself. When it comes down to revision time, I cut down on social plans. Even though I try to study during the day, sometimes if I've been revising during the day, I'm very content with spending the night on the sofa watching TV. Little things at the end of the day such as painting my nails or blogging give me a bit of relief after working so hard!
There are so many tips that I could go one forever but these are my favourite. Do you have any other tips for me?


Tips For Becoming A Morning Person

By all means, this post is not going to preach that you must wake up at 5am every morning. I will never be that person unless there is a valid reason to! However, I do believe in waking up early enough to see sunlight and actually make the most of the day rather than rising out of your pit 20 minutes before a lecture. I have to be up early for work on a weekend but during the week, I like to be out of bed at 8 when my parents go out to work. Luckily, I'm one of those people who can't get back to sleep but for most people, I know this isn't the case. For this reason, here are my top tips for waking up!

  1. Plan the following day the night before. Every Sunday night, I update my planner with the things I need to do every day of the week. However, I know that things crop up unexpectedly and for this reason, I review my to-do list every night for the next day. This means I can cross tasks off or add to the list.
  2. Pack your bag/lay out your clothes for the next day. Even if you're planning on staying at home, lay out your outfit for the next day, pack your bag full of your essentials and maybe even get your lunch ready for the next day. Every night, I fill a couple of water bottles and leave them in the fridge so it's one less task to do in the morning. This is my routine every night; I know it's not for everyone but it works for me. Usually, I like to read something before bed too as that makes me sleepy!
  3. Speaking of water, have a bottle of water by your bed. I aim to drink about half a 500ml bottle before I go to sleep and the remainder of the bottle when I wake up. It's useful as I also take tablets first thing in a morning.
  4. Set an alarm but leave it away from your bed. My alarm is a DAB radio so it's less annoying and in order to turn it off, I have to get out of bed to do so. Because I drink so much water too, I always need to pee first thing so when I'm out of bed, I might as well stay out! If you're really bad at waking up, set your alarm 15 minutes before you actually need to get up so you get to relax in bed for a bit!
  5. When you get into bed, make sure you actually sleep. I aim to be asleep for 11pm most nights so I can get in my 8 hours of sleep (anything less and I'm a monster!). I always work out that if I get up at a certain time, I need to be asleep by this time so I can fit in my 8 hours.
  6. Wash your face as soon as you wake up. Once I've gotten out of bed, I go straight to the bathroom to cleanse and tone my face. Having to splash water over my face wakes me up for sure!
  7. Exercise within 30 minutes of waking up. After my routine of cleaning my face, I find it good for me to fit in a workout. If I'm planning on doing a proper workout, I'll make sure I have a cardio workout and get to it. If I'm doing a workout later in the day, I still like to stretch out and do a quick yoga routine. I think it's best to work out first thing because then you don't have to go into your day worrying that you have a workout to squeeze in.
  8. Just get to it! There's really no excuse to get up most days!
I follow these rules purely for weekdays as Saturdays I have to be up earlier for work and Sundays are my late start at work and my lie-in with my boyfriend. I'm not saying I follow them to a tee every single day but for the majority, I do try to.

What are your morning routines? Do you have any tips for getting up in a morning?


General University Tips

A few months ago, I did a blog post about my experience at uni and now I'm heading to the end of my course, I wanted to share some of my tips for making the most out of your uni experience.

  1. Join a society. Yes, university work comes first but you're all work, no play, you won't be enjoying the experience. Join something that you enjoy or are intrigued by. It doesn't mean you have to join it permanently; go to a taster session or try a different society every semester if you like!
  2. Get organised. If you're looking at going to uni in September, I'd advise you now, the more organised you are in your first year, the easier it will be come year three or even four. This means getting textbooks earlier, having your notes in folders, writing important deadlines in advance and writing the essays early. 
  3. Speaking of organisation, this counts for before you move. Once you have been accepted at your uni, make sure you know what you need to take, what's already there and what you're not allowed. Some halls are more decked out than others. 
  4. Attend as much as possible. I'm the most guilty person not turning up to lectures and this is why my grades are crap. I know it might be difficult to get up early but the more you do it, the more routine it becomes.
  5. Get your bag/outfit ready the night before. I like sleep. Getting my stuff ready on a night ready for the following day means I can usually stretch another half an hour in bed. Win=win.
  6. Discover the campus on foot. I have lived ten minutes away from my uni campus all my life and still don't know where half of the buildings are. There are usually tours of the campus and the surrounding area during Fresher's Week and don't forget, everyone is in the same boat with not knowing where to go!
  7. Don't always buy textbooks brand new. In my first year, my uni did a bundle with all the books we'd need from the campus bookshop so I bought them all new. The following year, I sold them all online/traded them in on Amazon and bought all my second-year books second-hand. I barely even paid for them that way!
  8. During Fresher's Week, collate your own list of useful numbers. From practical things such as doctors and dentists, to more important things, such as god taxi firms and pizza shops. Trust me, they will all come in handy at some point.
  9. If you're going away to uni, try to make friends with someone who lives in the city permanently, They will know the city inside-out which will be very useful as they can be your go-to person for pretty much everything!
  10. Buy an NUS card/local bus pass. Students get so many great deals and discounts on a variety of products so an NUS card is worth it. If you're using the bus frequently, invest in a pass rather than paying for single journeys.
  11. Learn how to budget. You're bound to go into your overdraft at some point but try to spend within your means.
  12. My final tip is get a part-time job. This helps with budgeting so much! Either save the money or use it to spend on whatever you like, your choice,
I made my feelings on university clear in that previous post but I know some people love their experience. If anyone wants anymore advice about anything uni-wise, just drop me a comment or email me! And if you're planning on staying in your home city and want to know what it's like, feel free to tweet/email/comment me.


My Desk Essentials

Now uni has once again begun, I'll be spending a hell of a lot of time sat at my desk. For me it's important to have a space to work peacefully!

So this is my little sanctuary. My room isn't as Pinterest-worthy or white as many but it's my private space. For me my desk has everything I need. My desk essentials are:

  1. A lamp for those late nights!
  2. A personalised photo frame
  3. A coaster for all those hot drinks
  4. My computer (I don't really use this one anymore now I have a laptop but it's there just in case!)
  5. My diaries
  6. My jotter/memo pads to write down anything quickly
  7. My pen pot
  8. My drawer units for loose stationary
We're planning a house move soon so I hope to keep this up!


What's In My Uni Bag?

Today was meant to be my first day back at uni but I've been throwing up all morning so I can't even go in! But nevertheless, I'm getting all my to-do list for the house done today. First up was to write this post! Despite not being there, I packed my bag last night with all of my essentials in it:

This is my bag that I take most of the time. I bought it from Forever 21 a while ago and I loved it because of the zips on the side of it. It's not going to last much longer but it's great for days when I don't need to take loads of stuff, like my laptop! On the days when I need my laptop, I take a rucksack!

Next up are the actual stationary I use for my lectures. I colour co-ordinate my modules so I don't get confused. This semester, International Marketing is blue and Strategic Marketing and Planning is pink. Inside each of these I put the exercise book in the corresponding colour to take notes in, the lecture slides and any additional printouts needed. I also have a lever arch folder for each module at home which I put all my notes into after the lecture.

I also take a pencil case with a variety of colours for notes/diagrams and a highlighter in the same colour as my folders to highlight important words/phrases during the lecture.

I always have my purse with me at all times at uni (not that there's any money in it!); it contains all my usual discount cards and bank card as well as my NUS card and Hull Uni ID card. I do try and have some spare change on me so I can treat myself to a cheeky hot chocolate when I want to!

I also carry a make-up bag with me but don't actually carry make-up in it!

These are my essential items for on-the-go:

  • Tissues
  • Ibuprofen
  • Vaseline
  • Small perfume sample
  • Anti-bacterial handwash
I always do my make-up before I leave the house so don't see the point in carrying it around all day. 

I also always have my phone with me (duh!), a bottle of water and usually some sort of food. I take a sandwich with me if I'm at uni for a few hours and a chocolate treat.

What are your university essentials? Are you as organised as I am?


This Week

This is the first week ever that I have managed to post everyday! (Treat cupcake for me!) It's been great to be able to write every day about a variety of topics and hope to keep this routine up! Here's a round-up of this week's posts:

Tuesday: Gossip Girl Day

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Next week, as of tomorrow, I am back at uni so it will be a week full of uni-inspired posts, ranging from what I have in my uni handbag to tips for revising and job interviews.