My Dissertation

I have been having such a difficult time with my dissertation. After submitting my original plan back in December, I have found it very difficult to research it and get responses. So, with only a month to go to write 5,000 words, I have submitted a new pan to my supervisor in the hope I can change it.

I have decided that with the General Election looming and my strong interest in politics that I would write my dissertation about how parties market themselves. I'll be looking into whether social media would increase the public to vote and what young people's views are on politics in general. For me, this is something I'm passionate about and am eager to learn more.

I would be really grateful if any of you could fill out my survey. It's completely anonymous and I'd love to know your views. Here is the link.



This Week #7

I'm back!!! After saying I'd be absent for about a week, it turns out it was more like three! The main reason for this is that we have only just got internet access at the new house and I've been super busy trying to study, work and unpack all the time.

Now that I am all settled in the new house, I thought about writing a few interior posts about my new room. Would anyone be interested in that? I love reading posts about blogger's rooms (probably because I'm super nosy!) so I thought some of my readers might to. Leave a comment below with your thoughts!


This Week #6

This week has been even more manic than usual because I have big news- we're moving house! I still live with my parents so we're all moving together (I can't afford to move out yet!) and we thought we'd be moving in a couple of months. Turns out we're moving next week! Here's a recap of the posts from the past week:

So I will be taking a break over the next week or so just to get organised and settled more than likely. See you all soon!


Get To Know Me

I love reading these sort of posts and when I saw that Amanda from Amanda's Escape had done one, I knew I just had to join in!

This or that...

Red or white wine? I don't drink alcohol so neither for me!
City or countryside? I'm definitely a city girl but I love countryside mini-breaks.
Cats or dogs? Neither, I like sheep and penguins.
Sweet or savoury? Sweet.
Dresses or Jeans? Jeans.
Heels or flats? Flats.
BeyoncĂ© or Taylor Swift? Queen Tay!
Tea or coffee? Neither, I'm a hot chocolate girl.
Divergent or The Hunger Games? Not seen either.
Blogposts or Youtube? Blog posts for sure.
Skincare or Makeup? Probably skin care.
Morning or Night? Morning.
Pizza or burgers? Pizza.
Books or magazines? Books.
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.
Summer or winter? I love winter fashion more but I hate being cold so I'd have to say summer.

Your favourite...?

City? London.
Book? Harry Potter or the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk.
Film? Clueless and West Side Story.
TV Show? Dance Moms, anything to do with home makeovers or most quiz shows.
Perfume? Victoria Secret Angel Dream.
Skincare item? Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Scrub.
Lipstick? I don't realy wear lipstick.
Foundation? Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation.
Food? Chinese or Indian.
Dessert? Chocolate fudge cake.
Place to eat? Nandos, duh.
Alcoholic drink? I don't drink.
Non-alcoholic drink? Water or hot chocolate.
Actor/tress? Channing Tatum/ Emma Stone.
Band? Has to be The Beatles, McFly or Lady Antebellum.

What does the future hold for you?
In the near future, graduating from Hull Uni with at least a 2:1 and then completing my Journalism qualifications at Sheffield College. Then I hope to find a good job that I'm happy with an can progress in. When my career is all sorted, I plan on marrying Tom, making a home together and starting a family, a girl and a boy.

I tag anyone who wants to do it! Leave your links in the comments below!


Ladies Day: ASOS Wishlist

I'm excited to say I'm going to Ladies Day for the first time ever in August! And of course, in typical girl mode, I'm most excited to treat myself to a new dress! I want to buy a decent dress so I went searching on ASOS for the perfect one!

ASOS ladies day



My New Workout Plan

If you've been reading my blog for a while, I'm on a new health kick lately. I'm cutting down on junk food, writing a food diary and trying to exercise as much as possible. However, most of the time, I hate working out. I'm always envious of those people who love it because I'm the opposite!

I've always been a fit person since childhood when I used to dance 5 nights a week and played netball at least once a week at school. However, since starting uni, I've become pretty lazy. Because I do Performing Arts Society, I have rehearsals once a week and I realised how unfit I'd become. I'm knackered after doing a 3-minute dance! So a couple of week ago, I was determined to sort this out. I joined a gym, I signed up for more numbers in the show and cut down on junk food.

Yesterday, I had a new idea to start Blogilates #MARCHofthePOPsters. I've been getting Cassey's emails for a good few months now but I've never been that motivated to work out every day. The great thing is all you have to do is sign up to her emails and you get all the calendars and videos for free. She even creates a Youtube playlist for the videos you need for that day! Every day there are usually 5 videos to work through; because I'm starting as a beginner, I'm only doing 3 of the videos a day. Eventually I aim to be doing all 5 a day. Even though it's only day 2, I've decided that during the week, I'll do the workouts as soon as I wake up if I can. Also, Friday is used as a rest day just for stretching which I've decided to switch with a Saturday as I don't have time to have a full workout on a Saturday. So here is my full workout plan:

  • #MARCHofthePOPsters Blogilates workout in the morning

  • MARCHofthePOPsters Blogilates workout in the morning
  • Gym straight from uni once a fortnight when I finish at 2 (I finish at 2 one week, and then at 4 the following week):
    • cardio for 20 minutes
    • light stretching for 10 minutes
    • a mini circuit for 20-30 minutes: crunches, squats, whatever takes my fancy really!

  • #MARCHofthePOPsters Blogilates workout in the morning
  • 4 hours of singing and dancing in rehearsals

  • #MARCHofthePOPsters Blogilates workout in the morning
  • Gym after I've picked Tom up from work:
    • cardio for 20 minutes
    • upper body workout for 30 minutes: I use light weights as my upper body is very weak and try for more reps. I've started doing a circuit including bicep curls, hammer curls, bent over rows, shoulder presses and tricep extensions. I try to do about 10 reps and try to repeat the circuit a couple of times. This workout is all about my arms, chest and back.
    • light stretching for 10 minutes

  • #MARCHofthePOPsters Blogilates workout in the morning
  • Gym after I've picked Tom up from work:
    • cardio for 20 minutes
    • lower body workout for 30 minutes: another circuit including squats, wide squats, curtseys, calf raises and a variety of leg raises. Here I try to incorporate leg and bum exercises.
    • light stretching for 10 minutes

  • Rest day 
  • I try to stretch when I wake up and walk on my dinner hour

  • Gym after work:
    • cardio for 20 minutes
    • ab circuit: planks, a mixture of crunches, mountain climbers, punches. I try to workout my obliques as well as my abs.
    • light stretching for 10 minutes
  • #MARCHofthePOPsters Blogilates workout when I get home from the gym

I also do the Blogilates 30 day challenges for abs, butt and thighs every day. In terms of my circuits at the gym, I usually do 10 reps of an exercise, move through the circuit, stretch for a couple of minutes then repeat the circuit. I think I get a mixture of exercise which I like as I get bored easily! 

Would you be interested in more fitness posts? Would you like more details on the circuits I do?


This Week #5

Busy week this week so no Friday post. I've been balancing extra shifts at work, hours of rehearsals and lots of university revision! Here's a round up of the posts that did make it this week!:

Next week, I'm on holiday from work so I should be able to blog daily! I'm also getting my butt in gear and starting a new workout plan which I will post more about tomorrow!