My Fitness Journey: Week 2

Busy week yet again with presentations and assignments in so my week didn't start off too well in the fitness department!

Monday: Before going to uni, I had a quick cardio session at the gym. I only spent around half an hour on the bike and elliptical trainer.

Tuesday: I had my focus on my group presentation so did no exercise other than walking around the uni campus a bit!

Wednesday: I didn't go to my rehearsals today but instead I did the Tuesday ab workout and today's leg workout from the Bikini Series that I'm following.

Thursday: I really pushed myself at the gym today. After a ten minute warm up on the bike, I did Monday's mermaid routine as well as today's booty and arm workout. I did each routine twice through so safe to say, I was knackered afterwards!

Friday: I skipped the gym because I was in pain from yesterday still!

Saturday: After a long day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym so I went home and did my dissertation work- oh the joys!

Sunday: After spending the morning at work, I went to Nando's for a late lunch. That's healthy, isn't it?

Every morning and night, I've been stretching to get into the splits once again. I'm getting close and closer but I'm still not there yet unfortunately! Next week, now my dissertation is so very nearly finished, I'm aiming to work out every weekday apart from Friday. I've cut back a lot on portion size this week and I've taken to brushing my teeth after my evening meal to stop me snacking on a night!

If you want to join the Bikini Series, week 3 starts tomorrow and here is the link for it!


Generation Vote 2015

This is a fairly serious post but today is the last day to register to vote in the General Election. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is use your vote. We live in a democracy and are extremely lucky, especially as young women, to be allowed to vote so make sure you put it to good use. I know many of you will say "Well, I can't relate to any of the politicians" or "They'll do nothing for me" but politicians have actually moved with the times and are looking into ways of getting young people involved. We have policies related to tuition fees, apprenticeships and help-to-buy schemes, all of which are important to young people.

My biggest tip is to read the manifesto; however, I appreciate that you probably don't want to read hundreds of pages! Newsbeat has some great snippets of all the parties and has highlighted the key policies that affect young people. It'll take you maybe 15 minutes to read through them all!

Most important, make sure you're registered to vote!


My Fitness Journey: Week 1

Sorry about my absence guys; I've moved house and got settled but now I have so much university work to do, I barely have time to breathe some days! However, because I'm spending so much time sitting down and typing, I've made it my mission to get back on track with my fitness. A month or so ago, I joined a local gym. Since the house move, I've let my fitness routine take a back seat (moving all the heavy boxes has basically been my workout!) but lately I've noticed I've been gaining weight at my fastest pace ever! I won't say I'm fat because I'm not, but I've put on a few pounds and it's starting to affect me in many ways. So last week, I was determined to start afresh with my workouts and pledged to the Tone It Up Bikini Series. What happens is over on the Tone It Up website, every Sunday, they post your weekly schedule to be started the following day. The idea is to follow it as much as possible but they appreciate that personal schedules can be more important! Last week was week 1 of the challenge and here's how I got on:

Monday: I didn't have a huge amount of time so managed to squeeze in the ab routine and a quick cardio routine.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a manic day for me; I spent all day at uni so I didn't do any exercise at all.

Wednesday: I also skipped today's workouts because I had 4 hours of dance rehearsals with my Performing Arts society at uni. That's such a hard workout!

Thursday: Every Tuesday, the TIU team post a new Youtube video with a new routine. On Thursday, I decided to do Tuesday and Wednesday's plans. Here I did the new Mermaid routine as well as the booty routine.

Friday: Similarly to yesterday, I did Thursday and Friday's routines today: an intense arm routine and a HIIT routine.

Saturday and Sunday, I had rest days because I have so much work to do. Bear in mind this week, I did all the routines in my bedroom instead of doing them at the gym. My plan for next week is to up my cardio by going to the gym and then coming home to do the toning routines.

All in all, it's been a steady start to the series but there's always progress to be made. I've worked out more this week than I have in the past month and I'm cutting back on snacks which is really hard as I still have loads of Easter eggs to eat!

This series is great because if you don't fit in the routine, you can easily squeeze it in the following day. Most of the routines are quick which is great for me as I'm always running out of time!

If you want to know more, here's a link to the Weekly Schedules :)

Tune in for more next week!