Sports Bra Wishlist

Now I'm halfway through my Fit, Fierce and Fabulous journey, I'm thinking I need to treat myself and low and behold, it's payday tomorrow! Instead of treating myself to sweets or a new handbag, I'm in desperate need of a few new sports bras. Having browsed the world wide web, I've found quite a few that I intend on buying!

The first bra is from Tesco and is currently on sale for £8! As I tend to do little cardio and more toning, I love the fact that it's low cut! I'm also loving the print too.
The second bra is exactly the same as the one above but costs £12 instead. Sometimes I like to stick to plain colours on top and then wear crazy-coloured bottoms!
The third bra is definitely my favourite; it's £12 from Missguided. It looks sexy and stylish! I'd wear this with some leggings for Zumba!

The fourth bra is £9.99 from New Look. You can get matching leggings to go with it but I'd probably pair this with black shorts.


My Fitness Journey: #FitFierceFabulous Week 2

If you saw last week's post, I'm following the Tone It Up Fit, Fierce and Fabulous programme. Week 2 of my Fit, Fierce and Fab journey and I have to say I feel pretty good. I feel happier and more alert as well as healthier. I'm trying to workout every day but with working weekends, I tend to slack off slightly there.

Day 8 (Monday):

Today's workouts all complete before tea!
Today's workout outfit of choice.
9.40: Be Fabulous challenge: Rock a new colour (I've had the above purple sports bra for at least a year and this was the perfect time to rock it out for the first time!)
9.50: Be Fit Challenge: Take and record measurements. I've lost about a pound in weight as well as 4cm off my hips which is amazing! I can see some improvements too as well as having more energy and stamina!
10.00-10.40: Morning Booty Call from book: DCC Calorie Blasting Dance DVD (I did all of the dance routine as well as the extra ab workout!)
1.30-1.50: Daily Fitness Challenge from book: Magical Mermaid Moves once through
4.10-4.55: Today's online schedule of HIITy Bitty Bikini and Bikini Abs (Both of these routines are seriously hard work!)

Day 9 (Tuesday):

Quick selfie in the cinema toilets before the film started!
10.05-10.45: Daily Fitness Challenge from book: 30 minutes cardio- Davina Intense DVD (Warm up and cardio box)
2.50-3.05: Take Me To The Sea routine
6.45: Be Fierce challenge: Make eye contact with everyone (The only time I went out today, I went to the cinema with my friend and I finally got to see Pitch Perfect 2!)

Day 10 (Wednesday):

Watched 4 films today and spent the night watching this.
1.45-2.05: Morning Booty Call from book: Booty Shorts routine done twice
2.15-5.15: Be Fierce challenge: Danced around whilst watching High School Musical 1 and 2 (Also counts as my online cardio workout too!)

Day 11 (Thursday):

9.20-9.50: Morning Booty Call from book: Amazing Arms and Abs routine done three times
5.25-5.40: Daily Fitness Challenge from book: Magical Mermaid Moves routine done once
7.15-7.35: Today's online workouts done once each: Under the Sea and Sunkissed Abs

Day 12 (Friday):

AM and PM workout outfits.
8.40-9.10: Morning Booty Call from book: HIIT and Run (I need a couple of rest whilst doing this workout though!)
10.00: Be Fit challenge: Inventory of workouts so far i.e. what's worked and not worked
10.45: Be Fierce challenge: Journal Ft, Fierce and Fab journey so far by answering the questions from the book
11.05-11.15: Bikini Arms from online weekly schedule
1.00: Be Fabulous challenge: Take a bubble bath and relax (instead I had a shower and treat myself to a face mask!)
5.00-5.15: Cardio: Davina's Fit in 15 DVD (I selected the cardio 15 workout which was a killer!)

Day 13 (Saturday):

I did no exercise or challenges because I was knackered after work!

Day 14 (Sunday):

Morning yoga attire.
8.10-8.20: Morning Booty Call from book: Yin Yoga
2.30-3.00: Went for a walk around the city centre after work as requested in the online weekly schedule
3.30-7.30: Be Fierce challenge: Do nothing! When I got in from work, I plonked myself on the settee and watched the rugby.

Today's Be Fabulous challenge was no technology after tea but I needed to get all of my blog posts written for the upcoming week (sorry TIU girls!)

I've done 17 out of the 27 routines set this week which is a slight improvement on last week. I'm also proud that I've done my Morning Booty Call in a morning six times this week! My main area for improvement is sorting out my weekends when I work to make sure I find myself some time to workout and that I have my lunch ready to take with me.

Next week's schedule to start tomorrow is live now on the Tone It Up website!



My Fitness Journey: #FitFierceFabulous Week 1

I seem to be doing this a lot recently but I'm starting a fresh! Finally, my Tone It Up: 28 Days to Fit, Fierce and Fabulous book arrived on Saturday so I began the programme on Monday. I'm in love with this book already; it incorporates daily fitness and nutrition schedules with Fierce and Fabulous challenges every single day.

Even though the days are clearly labelled in the book and the book looks visually amazing, I decided to make my own journal to coincide with it. This way, I can see everything on two pages: workouts, challenges and meals.

This was Day 1's plan. I've tried to keep it as neat as possible because nobody like a messy journal! I thought it would be too much to write down every exercise I need to do but as long as I know which workouts to do, I can easily refer to them in the book then.

As well as doing this 28 Day Challenge, I'm still doing the Bikini Program; these workouts are included in the Be Fit sections in my journal above with my workouts from the book.

I'm going to be taking my measurements every Monday morning as soon as I wake up before I even start my Morning Booty Call. I'll admit I won't get round to doing every single workout but I'm trying to make sure I get the workouts from the book done and then just add in the online ones when I get chance to.

I'm going to take a picture every Monday morning as well before my workout. As of this week, here is my before picture. Please, good vibes only. I've put on a bit of weight recently but I'm ready to get through this programme.

As you can see, I added some weight around my mid-section. My thighs have always been on the larger side but that's because I'm a dancer; I get all my strength in my legs. My goal is to lose a bit of belly fat and tone up everywhere else. I weigh under 9 stone so I'm not overweight by any stretch but I'm not fit or healthy at the minute.

Here's how week 1 is going in terms of workouts/fitness and fierce/fabulous challenges:

Day 1 (Monday):
Today's Be Fabulous task
8.50: Be Fierce Challenge: Write down three specific goals to accomplish today
9.00-9.20: Morning Booty Call from book: Amazing Abs and Arms
9.55-10.10: Morning Booty Call online: Bombshell Bod on Women's Health website
2.45-3.00: Managed to get through 13 minutes of the Mermaid Routine.
6.20-6.30: Daily Fitness Challenge from book: Sweet and Spicy Strength Training
8.15: Be Fabulous Challenge: 'I'm Amazing' list (see above photo)

Day 2 (Tuesday):
Red lips for running errands out and about
9.00-9.15: Morning Booty Call from book: HIIT and Run
9.30: Be Fierce Challenge: make a fitness playlist
12.50-1.50: Daily Fitness Challenge: Cardio: Go, Go, Goddess: 25 minutes of walking around shops

Day 3 (Wednesday):

Before tonight's Bikini Kettlebell workout.
 I spent the majority of the day out walking and running errands so workouts were minimal.

8.15-8.35: Morning Booty Call from book: Amazing Arms and Abs
10.15-6.00: Be Fabulous Challenge (get outside): Out running errands so spent a lot of time walking about
7.30-7.45: Managed to get through 15 minutes of Bikini Kettlebell
10.15: Be Fierce Challenge (establish a morning ritual)

Day 4 (Thursday):

The workout I never got round to doing today! Gutted!
3.00-4.30: Got my cardio on by making dance routines in the conservatory
7.45-7.55: Morning Booty Call: Booty Shorts

Day 5 (Friday):

1. Pre-workout. 2. My DCC killer workout DVD!
11.00-11.15: Speed walk to the Post Office and back
1.00: Be Fabulous Challenge: List three things you love about your appearance
3.35-4.10: Morning Booty Call online: I did the low-impact full body workout from my new DCC: Hard Body Booty Camp DVD.
5.15: Be Fabulous Challenge: Treated myself to a hair and face mask whilst in the shower.

Day 6 (Saturday):

After today's Morning Booty Call!
6.05-6.25: Morning Booty Call: Booty Shorts routine twice
1.45: Daily Fitness Challenge: Cardio: Go, Go, Goddess: Spent my second half-hour break walking around the shops
7.45-8.05: Pink Flamingo workout twice through
9.30: Be Fierce: 3 things you're grateful for list

Day 7 (Sunday):

I did no exercise today at all!

At the end of Week 1, I feel fresh and happy. I can feel my body changes as I workout every day. I've only done half of the workouts set out this week so there's still plenty of room for improvements. I'm going to substitute some of the cardio and HIIT workouts in the book and online for fitness DVDs that I've just bought. I've been watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team every day and bought their DVDs. They've inspired me to become fit and strong rather than super skinny this time. I'm trying to practice some of their routines and the kickline in the hope that one day I can become a DCC! I'm also really happy that I've kept up with writing in my journal and I'm loving all of the Be Fierce and Be Fabulous challenges; they're making me relax on a daily basis mostly and making me feel grateful for everything I have right now.

If you want to follow the Bikini Program, here is the link to this week's schedule that starts tomorrow (Monday) morning!


My Fitness Journey So Far

If you've been following my blog over the past few weeks, you'll have seen that I've been following the Tone It Up Bikini Series. However, this finished on Sunday and I was not happy with myself. I've done pretty much zero exercise in the past fortnight and thank God that the girls at Tone It Up have introduced a new challenge, the Bikini Program! This starts today and already today I have done two out of the three workouts before half past 8!

I'm now feeling more motivated for this 8-week segment; since I've started the previous Bikini Series, I've only lost 2 pounds which is shocking! However, as much as I'd like to lose a few more pounds, this is more about getting fit and healthy for me. This Bikini Program goes hand-in-hand with the girls' book, Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. I'm still waiting for this book to arrive at my doorstep though!

My only issue with the program itself is that I really want to purchase the bundle which includes the DVDs, a new journal and a few other bits and piece; the only problem is it's $200 and because I'm in the UK, it costs a bomb to get it shipped over aswell! I can still follow the free online weekly schedules and then input my own workouts in from various other platforms.

If you're following the Bikini Program, please comment below as I need a #TIU Buddy! Also, if you want to join up, here the link to Week 1 of the Bikini Program!



Since when was being nice a crime?

As I take a break from revision today, I stupidly ended up on the Daily Mail website and fell upon this article. Entitled "Little Miss Perfect: A pencil thin control freak worth £130m, she is adored by young girls (and their dads!). So what's the truth about Taylor Swift?" the article looks into Taylor Swift and basically criticises pretty much everything about her. From her childhood to her songwriting, her charity work to her weight, the article covers a whole host of areas that make her who she is. My issue is that every time the writer commends her success in one area, he then instantly tears her down in the next breath. Yes, I might be slightly biased because I'm a huge fan of hers but there is no need to be downright cruel to someone who has never harmed anyone.

  • She's a workhorse; that's not a bad thing. She wants to be the best that she can be but still be true to herself.
  • She wears a pink latex dress in her new Bad Blood video that was apparently from a sex shop. So what? She's 25 years old for God's sake and the video has an image and plot. I personally think she looks sexy and classy rather than trashy like a lot of young pop stars can be. And with that body, she should be allowed to flaunt it!
  • Speaking of her body, the article claims she only eats 500 calories a day and works out for at least an hour every day. For some reason I find this hard to believe. The girl is constantly seen dining out with friends and always has baking days with them too. 500 calories is like the same amount as one cupcake! And good for her for caring about her health and fitness. I love that she takes ballet classes as a form as exercise.
  • She is proud of her family. Fair enough the article pokes fun at her because she's in the public eye, but having a go at her parents for giving her the resources she needed to become a star is pushing it too far. My mum and dad funded my dance childhood for costumes and competitions so how is that any different?
  • She writes songs based on her own experiences. I'm really sick and tired of everyone having a go about her songs being all about guys; every good songwriter writes about their experiences and most of them write love songs. Just look at Bruno Mars; all of his early music is about girls and nobody ridicules him.
  • She treats her fans like they're her friends. Probably the reason that I love her the most; she really appreciates her fans. She genuinely just feels like one of us. 
  • She took her music off Spotify which I think is a great move. Music artists put a lot of work into their craft so we should pay for their music. If we don't, they won't have enough money to produce any more music.
  • She's actually a good girl. She doesn't smoke or drink, she cares about people, she doesn't care about being sexy. For this, I idolise her. I don't drink or smoke either and I don't see why we should be made fun of because of this. She's a great role model for young girls.
Because of her success, I think most people are just jealous of her. I'm not saying she has the best singing voice ever because she doesn't, but she's real. She's a bit of a dork, she's a savvy businesswoman as well as a singer, contrary to popular belief, she's a girls girl, she writes her own music unlike most pop stars out there, she's approachable and down-to-earth. There are so many characteristics that she has that I would be proud to have so before people start tearing her down more, they should think about how it makes themselves look first. 

In my eyes, I always think WWTD? (What would Taylor do?)