Pretty Little Liars Week: Aria

If I'm Spencer in personality, I'm Aria in looks- petite and brunette is me all over! I tend to love characters who look most like me in any TV series that I watch but definitely in PLL. Lucy Hale is one of my favourite actresses anyway so I as obsessed with Aria from day one on PLL.

For me, Aria's best quality is that she is a hopeless romantic. I guess I have parts of her personality too but Aria will do anything for the person she is in love with. Her relationship with Ezra for the most part is my ultimate goal in life.

She tends to be pretty reserved unlike some of the other girls but is so compassionate and lovable, you can't help but like her!

  • Aria is so passionate about the arts, in particular literature and photography. I love the arts myself so it's nice to see a character on TV love them to!
  • She has very unique style. Admittedly, I love some of her outfits but some of them are far too crazy for me to understand!
  • Accessories are what Aria uses to express herself. Like Hanna, she usually has some sort of statement jewellery on such as earrings or a necklace.
  • Don't underestimate her; one of my favourite quotes is when Spencer says to her, "You're little but you're big." Aria is pretty fearless!
  • Aria has the most beautiful long, dark brown, thick locks; thick hair requires a lot of maintenance but hers looks very natural.
  • Her main go-to make-up look is a smoky eye and nude lip. For a daytime look, switch the black eyeliner for brown.
  • Her eyebrows are the one.
  • Her notebook moment kissing Ezra in the rain, yes!



Pretty Little Liars Week: Spencer

Spencer Hastings is my spirit animal. I would say out of all the girls, my personality is most like hers. She is not embarrassed about being smart and working hard; she's more serious and sarcastic that the other girls and she is the queen of preppy!

She is the friend all the girls go to when they need advice because she's not just book-smart, she's life-smart. She's the one with all the answers and the most dependable girl in the group.

I envy Spencer because of her brains and beauty. It's usually one or the other so for her to be intelligent and look stunning constantly, I bow down to her!
  • She always looks well put-together. A hair is never out of place, she always has the right books with her, you will never see her sweat.
  • Her style is always preppy; her wardrobe is full of blazers, blouses and sweaters. I would say she's an appropriate dresser because she knows exactly what to wear for every occasion.
  • Spencer's hair is always immaculate; dark brown curls adorn her face but they always look natural!
  • Speaking of natural, Spencer only really bothers with basic make-up- mascara and lip balm usually!
  • Grammar is her forte and she is not afraid to pull you up on it!
  • She is the most loyal friend who always has their interests at heart.
  • She is a digger; she likes to dig for more information until she finds out the truth. Plus she loves it!
  • Spencer is such a perfectionist; she is super organised and juggles a million different things on her schedule and still makes time for her friends!
  • She has it altogether on the outside but inside she is just trying to keep it altogether. She ultimately breaks down though :(

Pretty Little Liars Week: Hanna

Hanna may well be the funniest of the PLL girls; she comes out with the best one liners often in every episode and is definitely the most caring in the gorup. I love that she is obsessed with fashion, not only in terms of her style but she really knows her stuff. She might not be as smart as Spencer but if she's into a subject, she'll know everything about it!

My favourite thing about Hanna is that she is not to be underestimated. She might be beautiful and confident but inside she is a strong young woman who will do anything for someone she loves.

  • Know your stuff about your favourite stuff: fashion is Hanna's passion and she knows A LOT about it!
  • Along with fashion, hair and beauty are very important. Long blonde locks and pink glossy lips complement every outfit!
  • Her style tends to be pretty feminine and always on-trend; she's definitely the most fashionable of the girls. Keep an eye on fashion blogs and websites!
  • Hanna has the biggest heart which she always follows.
  • She likes to believe the best in people (Lucas and Mona, anyone?) but she is not a pushover.
  • The girl is attached to her phone like it is with her 24-7, like most of us really!


Pretty Little Liars Week: Emily

Day 2 of PLL Week focuses on Emily. Emily is considered to be the quiet one of the group in the beginning but a lot happens to her over the course of the six series so she toughens up and becomes the rock of the group.

Her style has evolved over the series as well; to begin with, she was rocking a denim skirt all the time but now has a sporty/rocker style which is effortless and so so easy to achieve!

To be the Emily of the group, you need to be very good at a sport. Emily is the best swimmer at Rosewood so work hard to make it to the top!

  • Be a proper daddy's girl. Even if your dad isn't in the army, make sure he's the main guy in your life and always be honest with him.
  • Always be yourself. Love who you want to, be kind to others but stand up for what you believe in and don't be a pushover!
  • Emily has laid-back style down to a tee: jeans and a t-shirt, She rocks a slogan tank vest like no-one else, loves a plaid shirt but when it's summer, she always has her pins out!
  • Perfect the no make-up make-up look. Natural foundation, mascara and lipgloss should do the trick. Emily is naturally beautiful so she doesn't really need it!
  • Take care of your hair properly; make sure you deep condition it when you can and use curling tongs for a natural curl if you need to.
  • You know how to dance!
  • Invest in a window seat in your bedroom, they're super cute, cosy and comfy!


Pretty Little Liars Week: Alison

I'm a huge fan of PLL; I remember first watching it on MTV and then they stopped showing it in the UK. I took a risk and bought the first 2 series on DVD from Amazon and then I was hooked! I've got series 1-5 now and then watch the rest on Netflix. In honour of my obsession, I thought I'd dedicate this week to the show, focusing on each character: what I love about them, what I hate about them and of course, fashion tips! I'll be counting down to my favourite character at the end of the week, so let's kick things off with Alison!

Let's put this out there, Ali is beautiful. On the outside, but she has an ugly soul. Can you imagine if your best friend had lied about being dead for years? I personally think she is the biggest bitch going! I will remind you I am basing this on the character of Alison, not Sasha who plays her. (I love all the actresses!)

The one thing I do love about her is that she keeps a journal. I love the idea of writing down everything you're keeping inside. I also admire that she is a good reader of people. She knows ther strengths and weaknesses, it's just she goes one step further and exploits them.

But let's face it, most of us really care about fashion! Here are my top tips for looking like Ali (these are in the seasons where she is actually alive rather than beforehand):

  • Ali always has her beautiful blonde locks down and curled mostly. Try using a pair of hair straighteners or a wide-barrel curling tong to achieve this effortless look.
  • She mostly has two looks: a pretty dress or jeans with a pretty top. To achieve this look, stuff your wardrobe with floral prints!
  • She also knows how to rock a funky jacket. Ali has worn her fair share of denim and leather jackets but also knows that adding a blazer to an outfit can smarten up your look instantly.
  • Keep make-up to a minimum unless you're going to an event. During the day, she wears minimal eye make-up and a nude glossy lip. For events, try a classic black winged eye with red lips.
  • Rock a pattern! Ali lives in prints and the bolder they are, the better!
  • Ali wears a lot of girly colours such as pink and purple. Sure she'll rock a dark colour from time to time but for the most part, she's in pastels and brights.


My Evening Routine

The majority of the time I get home for around 6.45; this isn’t that late but bear in mind I’ve been up since 5! This gives me a couple of hours to get everything done before I go to bed at 9pm. Similarly to my morning routine, I have a few tasks that I have to do on a night but I tend to have a bit more spare time during the evening:

  • Get home, get changed, hang up coat
  • Eat tea, empty lunch box, get lunch ready for the next day
  • Pack bag for tomorrow, cleanse/tone/moisturise face and clean teeth
  • Get clothes ready for the next day, grab a bottle of water
  • Charge phone/iPod
  • Write a to-do list for the next day if I need to 

Also, I usually have 2 hours from getting in to having to go to bed at 9pm; if I have any free time, I tend to one of three things:

Pre-hotel room workout.

  • Get a very long shower and have a pamper night: exfoliate, paint nails etc.
  • Do a workout routine and get a quick shower afterwards
  • Chill out, watch TV and maybe do a bit of homework if I have any



My Morning Routine

Since starting college and having a 5am alarm requires me to be super quick in the morning as I only have 45 minutes to get ready and out of the door. I’m lucky that I live at home with my parents so my mum always makes me lunch the night before so I can save a few minutes in a morning! Although this routine is bound to change once half term is over (I’ll be staying in Sheffield for 3 nights a week because I’m sick of the super early mornings!), for now, I think I’ve got this morning routine down to a tee.
  • 5am-5.05am: Wake up, check/charge phone, turn off DAB radio alarm
  • 5.05am-5.15am: Use a face wipe, get changed, moisturise
  • 5.15am-5.30am: Put on make-up, clean teeth, put on shoes, unplug phone/iPod. I take my rucksack downstairs on a night so then I take everything down that I haven’t already packed.
  • 5.30am-5.45am: Get a drink of water, grab lunch/water/yoghurt, make a hot chocolate to go in my travel mug and put on my coat. Grab keys and get out of the door!

Once I’m on the train, I:

  • Get any homework done that I forgot about that doesn’t require the Internet or a computer!
  • Drink my yoghurt and take my vitamins.
  • Catch up on Radio 1 podcasts (usually Scott Mills!)
  •  Have a nap if I have nothing to do!
  • Organise my planner like I did in the photo above!



September Instagram Round-Up

What a manic month September has been! I've been to London, started a new college and joined Tone It Up's #FitForFall challenge!

1. I started the month with a trip to London with my best friend Ellie.
2. A visit to London meant a visit to M&M World.
3. Everything I bought in London.
4. One of my new vests from London, got back on track with my fitness!
5. My first attempt at planner decorating, my new hobby!
6. Was in one of those moods.
7. See number 6.
8. My second week of planner coincided with starting college in Sheffield.
9. McFly lyrics are the best.
10. My stickers from Dook Plook Designs.
11. I'm in for the #FitForFall challenge!
12. First half of my first week at college.
13. Managed to squeeze in a workout one night after college.
14. Spelled my name out to the barista, got this.
15. Second half of my first week at college.
16. My view twice a day: the Humber Bridge!
17. Another night of fitness, snuck in this routine a few minutes before sleep!
18. Body inspiration from Selena Gomez.
19. Watching the sun rise from the train.
20. 21st-23rd September planner spread.
21. 24th-27th September planner spread.
22. Selena Gomez lyrics fitted my weird mood.
23. Inspirational quote here.
24. 28th-30th September planner spread.
I'm going to start doing goals for the next month underneath my Instagram round-up from now!

October Goals

  1. To not miss another day of college up to half term (I've been off all ill!)
  2. To up my water intake to at least two litres a day
  3. To try to exercise at least three times a week
  4. To blog twice a week minimum
  5. To not do anymore 'fun' spending!