Love Myself Tag

Happiness is loving yourself

I found this tag on both Steph and Claire's blog and thought how wonderful this tag is. I'm one of those pessimists in life but I am trying to change that. I'm a believer in everything happens for a reason but I'm not the luckiest person in the world.



Bikini Series 2016: Week 5

Any progress is progress, right? I've worked out 5 sessions this week. Now I know that doesn't seem like a lot but when the goal was to try to make 2 sessions a day, 7 days a week and I've already had a week off in this 8-week series, it's close to a miracle!



Operation Organise: Bedside Table

The number one place of clutter collecting is the bedside table. This is usually because they have a couple of drawers and are convenient to put all of those random items in when we can't be bothered to put said item in its original habitat. However, your bedroom should be your sanctuary so why should it be cluttered?



New Look Wishlist

No money= lots of window shopping and what better way to do that than sat on your sofa? New Look has been one of my favourite stores ever since I was young and bought the 915 range (I still buy this range now because I'm so tiny!) and it will always be a shop I enjoy looking around.



My Planner Set-Up 2015/16

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I am a planner addict. I'm so obsessed with writing things down because if I didn't, I'd forget. I've always had a diary but for the past year or so, I've really got into planning my week out as much as I can. We're talking work, blogging, workouts, meals, pretty much anything!




Shopping is my addiction. Some people are addicted to smoking or alcohol; clothes, shoes and bags are my vice. I also have an unhealthy obsession with buying PJs and lingerie; girl has to feel confident underneath, right?


Bikini Series 2016: Week 4

I have a confession to make: I skipped week 3. I was feeling like poop and just needed some time to myself. However, after 9 days without working out, I got back on the horse on Monday and was pleased with how week 4 went! See what went on:


Packing Essentials for Overnight Stays

I am not one for beach holidays: I like sun but I just get bored sunbathing. For me, the perfect holiday is sightseeing. This is why I stay in the UK. There is so much of the country I have yet to discover and who doesn't like having a break for a couple of days here and there?



Supermarket Fashion: TU At Sainsbury's Wishlist

Following last week's F&F at Tesco wishlist, here is the next installment of the Supermarket Fashion series: TU at Sainsbury's.



Operation Organise: Drawers

First of all, I want to apologise. This series was meant to be weekly and I said that a month ago! (See the first two posts here and here.) As we've already focused on wardrobe, I wanted to next look at the main other place where people tend to keep their clothing: drawers. If you're like me, you have plenty of storage but might always know what is best to go in each drawer to maximise space and ease.



On The Box: May Edition

Because I'm so busy, I don't get to spend hours in front of the TV every night. Instead, I bulk record shows and binge watch on my days off when writing blog posts and taking photos. My planner is full of daily to-do's but I always make sure I include reminders of my TV shows!



UK Etsy Spotlight: It'sOnlyMeCaraLee

This week in the Etsy spotlight is It'sOnlyMeCaraLee. I've ordered 3 times before from Caralee and I've been impressed every single time, hence why I keep going back for more! I love that I can order a mixture of kits and extras from the shop which are the two things I buy the most for my planner.


Bikini Series 2016: Week 2

Time to reflect on week 2 on the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I've been really organised the past week and been sleeping in my workout clothes so I have no excuse for a morning Booty Call! 


Supermarket Fashion: F&F At Tesco Wishlist

As I am saving for a shopping trip to Meadowhall soon (I'm going to see Busted with my best friend and then we're going shopping the following day!), I won't be spending much money in the next week or so. Wishlists are some of my favourite posts to create as it means I can spend hours window shopping but it's hard not to fill my shopping basket up!



The Beauty Blogger Tag

If you know me by now, you'll know I love a tag so when the lovely Severina from Sweet Strawberries tweeted me! I wouldn't class myself as a beauty blogger but I have recently found a love of make-up and my favourite Twitter chat is #BBeautyChat!



UK Etsy Spotlight: Isabelle The Owl

The next installment of my UK Etsy Spotlight features a new discovery, Isabelle the Owl. If what you're after is beautiful weekly kits, this is the place to shop. Jemma, who runs the store, has kits for both Erin Condren planners as well as Happy Planners. I purchased the Sparkle in Teal kit as well as the Always Be A Mermaid kit and I am so in love with them!



May Goals

The start of a new month means another fresh start. New goals, new aims for my life. I'm a very goal-orientated person so goal setting is a huge part of my life.



Bikini Series 2016: Week 1

Phew, week 1 is done and week 2 is already underway! I love how much I enjoy this challenge. For me, the Bikini Series is a journey of self-discovery. Yes, it's about getting fit and healthy but it is a massive confidence boost to know you're making a change in your life.