Bikini Series 2016: Week 1

Phew, week 1 is done and week 2 is already underway! I love how much I enjoy this challenge. For me, the Bikini Series is a journey of self-discovery. Yes, it's about getting fit and healthy but it is a massive confidence boost to know you're making a change in your life.

My favourite thing about the Bikini Series is the prep. I love setting goals and organising my week to fit in my workouts! I will be tracking my weight/measurements fortnightly so I don't get disheartened if the results aren't what I want!

Here's how my first week of the challenge went:

Day 1: Monday
AMWO: Set The Bar + Lose The Pooch + BB4 Rock Your Body
PMWO: BB4 Beach Booty + BB4 Toned Abs

Day 2: Tuesday
PMWO: 1 hour dance class

Day 3: Wednesday
AMWO: BB4 K&K Slay + BB4 Toned Arms

Day 4: Thursday
Rest Day

Day 5: Friday
AMWO: BB4 Total Body Tone Up

Day 6: Saturday
PMWO: BB4 Bikini Body + BB4 Legs For Days

Day 7: Sunday
Rest Day

Sunday's are now spent planning and organising. As you can see above, I had a tidy-up of my workout clothing and sorted them all out into outfits. I've also started to sleep in my workout gear so I can just get up and go!

Week 2 is already a go despite it being Bank Holiday Monday and if you want to follow my progress, follow my Instagram created just for the challenge here.


  1. Wow, you are doing such a great job, girl! Keep it going! :) I hope week 2 is going great for you. xx

  2. These fit great. The alo yoga pants don't ride down at the waist or up at the crotch as you move, and they feel very silky and cool against the skin. I'm somewhat pear-shaped with 51" hips and a 38" waist, and the XXL fits great.