Being Nice Gets You Far

Caernarfon Castle
Long time no speak to you all! If you follow me on social media, you will know that I've been on holiday in Wales for the past week but now I am back! I initially wanted to do a full holiday photo diary; however the weather wasn't exactly kind to us on most days making me unable to take good photos!

Fortunately another topic came to mind as I was holidaying away: where have all the nice people gone? I first thought of this question on the first night in Wales when we went to the village Co-op in Bala and were served by the rudest cashier ever. She was chucking our items onto the counter after scanning them and snatched the money out of my dad's hand when he was paying. Now I appreciate you probably don't want to be at work at 7pm on a Saturday and I appreciate that the Welsh don't particularly like the English but regardless, manners and a smile would have been suffice.

Having worked in customer service/retail, I understand that sometimes it can be hard when you're in a crap mood and customers ask stupid questions or come into the shop at 5.27pm when you shut at half 5 but at the end of the day, a job is a job. You work when you're there, you vent when you leave. We weren't exactly rude customers so I don't know what the girl's problem was in all honesty!

On another note, we had a meal one night in the local pub in Bala and our waitress, Ria, was the loveliest girl! I genuinely wanted her to become one of my friends because she was genuinely so sweet. She was the only waitress working and serving 6 tables in the end! I felt like I wanted to stay and help her out!

Now I love holidaying in the UK but I don't think I'll ever go back to North Wales again; I've never felt so unwelcome in most towns that we visited. The general public were rude, shop assistants were rude and waiters/waitresses were rude. I'm sure this is not a true reflection on Welsh people in general but it was just how my family and I felt on this trip.

Now before I get bogged down with everything, here's a look at some of the lovely sights of Wales!

My room for the week was super cute!
The river in Betws-Y-Coed 
Harlech Castle
The view from the car one day
Real life wizards chess in Caernarfon Castle


  1. Lovely photos, I agree being nice is a small thing but it can make all the difference. I have no patience for people who cannot be nice especially when it is clearly outlined in their job description. If you can't fake a smile then the service sector isn't for you. Wales looks lovely though, it's a shame people weren't very pleasant on your trip x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. I work in the service sector so I know what it's like! The scenery was lovely though! x

  2. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a lovely time :) It's such a shame that people aren't always nice - a little bit goes a very long way, even just a smile!
    I always try to remember that you don't know anything about people. You don't know what's going on for them and I usually feel bad for people and worry when they are like that.. I mean, something difficult must be going on right? As long as you focus on your smiles and don't let it get to you, that's the important thing :)

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

    1. I never thought about that. I guess when I'm in a bad mood or dealing with stuff, I tend to just be quiet. It was just unfortunate that she decided to through our food onto the counter as I thought that was rude, regardless of what mood the girl was in. x

  3. Your photos are so lovely, and I promise you most Welsh people are not like that! (lived in Wales for 3.5 years and have a Welsh bf haha)
    I agree, being nice doesn't take that much effort and can make a huge difference to people that you interact with, especially if you work in a customer-facing role. Hopefully it didn't get you down too much and you still had a lovely time! :)

    Laura // Laura Wardrobe

    1. I know all Welsh people can't be horrible haha! I always think giving someone a smile and a nice conversation can make someone's day :) x