Seventeen Make Up Haul

September is going to be a no-spend month for me as I'm saving up to pay for a couple of exams as well as some key pieces for my autumn capsule wardrobe (post to follow soon!) so I've had to get it all out of my system before the new month starts!



Bikini Series 2016 Week 4 Round 2


Confession time: I had a rest week. I was so mentally and physically drained that I took some time for myself to just chill out! I mean I love working out but sometimes it's important to rest. So because I skipped a week, I thought it would be a good idea to go back and do week 4!


The Treat Kitchen, Sheffield*

Who love sweets? I do! So when the lovely Jodie from The Treat Kitchen emailed me to ask if I wanted to try some sweets, I would never have the willpower to say no!



L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Review

We're going for a first on The English Everygirl today: a haircare review! Shoutout to the PR lady who emailed me to say she loved my haircare posts when in fact, I can't recall ever writing a post about my hair!


Primark Haul

Primark is one of those places I go in and find either tonnes of items or nothing at all. As I start to build a capsule wardrobe for autumn, I've decided to invest in more quality clothing items rather than fast fashion.


Harry Blogger Tag

For years and years now, I've been a Harry Potter fan. I watch the films as a series about once a month, I read the books as often as I can, I live in my HP PJs.



I Am A Sport-Loving Female...

...And I love make-up and clothing. I hate the connotations that women who enjoy sport are manly. I'll admit I'm not the girliest girl in the world but liking sport is not a man-only privilege. I don't just like sport, I love sport, I pretty much live and breathe sport. All day er'ryday.



Beauty Haul

As many of you, I don't really cover beauty that much on my blog. Not because I don't love make-up or skincare, I just aren't really the most adventurous person when it comes to make-up. I suffer with eczema and sensitive skin so when I buy a product I love, I bulk buy it as much as I can and pray that it doesn't get discontinued. However, in recent months since joining in with #BBEAUTYCHAT (Sunday nights 9-10), I've ventured into trying new products.



Forever 21 Wishlist

This is my favourite store; however the last order I made, the sizing was all off on my tiny frame. However, I still find myself looking at the site on a regular basis because I love it so much.


Bikini Series 2016 Week 3 Round 2

Week 3 is done and dusted! This week has been a bit of a dud one for me. I injured my foot midweek so struggled to put any weight on it for 2-3 days then on Friday, I had a terrible migraine. I've not been sleeping well so morning workouts have gone astray. I've managed to get in a couple of workouts but  not many. Here's to hoping that week 4 goes significantly better!



July Planner Spreads

It's no secret I love to plan. I love planners, stickers and washi tape. I don't have a creative passion so this is my idea of creativity. There's nothing more I love than a Sunday afternoon planning session to chill me out and get me prepared for the next week.



The Truth About You Tag

If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that I'm obsessed with these tag-type posts. I just loving being a nosey Noris and finding out the blogger behind the blog!


UK Etsy Spotlight: The Plump Planner

This week's Etsy Spotlight is focused on The Plump Planner. Karen's shop was the first shop that I ever bought stickers from on Etsy a little under a year ago. I've made six orders since then so she must be doing something good! I think for me it's the amazing quality and colours for such a cheap price! Most stickers are £1.95 and for that you get two sheets!



August Goals

July was a loooooong month. I spent most of it either at work or blogging as that is pretty much my life now! I literally don't have time for anything other than that and working out! However, for now, I'm okay with that. I like to keep busy and it's about time I focused more on myself. 



Bikini Series 2016 Week 2 Round 2!

Week 2: done! It's been challenging trying to raise my energy levels to workout when I'm working most days but that is definitely an area that I am willing to improve on! This week, I have cut back on snacking quite a bit but then I haven't had that much of an appetite during the week.