Seventeen Make Up Haul

September is going to be a no-spend month for me as I'm saving up to pay for a couple of exams as well as some key pieces for my autumn capsule wardrobe (post to follow soon!) so I've had to get it all out of my system before the new month starts!

I work opposite a Boots store which is not ideal for my bank balance but it means that I can keep on top of offers and it's convenient when I run out of toiletries!

On my last visit, I noticed that there were a few offers on the Seventeen make-up stand, although a lot of the sections were labelled with the wrong stickers. I thought I was getting all of these items on an offer but unfortunately I wasn't!

I have a couple of these lip crayons from other brands but I've been looking for a bright pink one to go with my red ones. I think these are a lot easier to apply than lipstick, especially on the go. Lipstick takes effort; with a lip crayon, one swipe and you're good to go!

Pink lipsticks are very hard to come by. I've tried a couple of Make Up Revolution ones and the pigments haven't been that great so they just look like a clear gloss when applied! This colour is bright enough for just one coat for me as I'm not daring enough to wear daring make-up.

1. Supreme Shine Lipstick in All About The Sass
2. Lip Crayon

Then I found these two gorge nail varnishes. Sparkler is a glittery purple shade and Silver Kisses is a shiny nude colour. I've always collected nail polish so I obviously needed an extra two to add to my pot!

So starting now, no spending on make-up or beauty products or toiletries for the whole of September. There will be no more hauls while I save up! I might review some of the products that I've bought recently though.

Have you bought any beauty products lately? Would you like to see more beauty reviews on The English Everygirl? Leave me a comment below!


  1. I own the lip crayon and I'm always quite impressed by it - it's got a lovely sheen pigmentation to it and it just looks quite natural and like you said it's great for popping in your handbag! I really recommend looking at the single eyeshadows by Seventeen, they are so so pigmented! xx


    1. That's why I like it! It's slightly more than wearing lip balm but not as much as lipstick :) oh I'll have a look at them, although I have far too many palettes right now! xx

  2. Those nail polishes look gorgeous! Definitely gonna have to look for them!

    Paris x

    1. I love a nude but a glittery nude is even better! I haven't tried them yet so hopefully they'll be as nice on my fingers! x