UK Etsy Spotlight: HarrietWrightDesigns

Featured on this week's UK Etsy Spotlight is a recent discovery: HarrietWrightDesigns. I remember seeing another girl post about her stickers on Instagram and I thought about how girly and elegant they looked and I was not disappointed with my order.



Why I Love High School Musical

It's 9pm on a Monday night and I've put my iPod on shuffle. We're All In This Together comes on and I immediately get out of bed and do the dance. Yes, I know it step-perfect.



September Frosted Plan-It Happy Mail*

Who's excited for Halloween? Not this girl! I am one of those people who doesn't do Halloween. The only time I've ever dressed up for Halloween is when I was about 12 or 13 and I dressed up as Wednesday from the Addams Family. The costume require no work whatsoever and I didn't have o make my face paler or wear a wig.


Capsule Wardrobe 101

I've always been one of those people who has too many clothes. Since I can remember, it's taken me too long to get ready in a morning because I can't decide which top goes with which pair of jeans. Then do I want to wear pumps, heels, trainers? Dressing had become a chore until I discovered the holy grail: the capsule wardrobe.



September Beauty Haul

I stated last month that I would be undertaking a spending ban for September but in all honesty, I failed massively.  I've been saving up a bit of money to finish off my capsule wardrobe and have been in need of a few beauty bits and I cannot resist a shopping trip.



UK Etsy Spotlight: Bits Of Stationery

This week's installment in the UK Etsy Spotlight is Bits Of Stationery! It's a relatively new shop as it only launched this year but already Rachel's shop is flying with her fabulous stickers.


Gossip Girl Tag

Truth time: I've been struggling with blog post ideas as of late. After a look through Bloglovin', I saw the fabulous Shelby had just done a new tag post of one of my favourite shows: Gossip Girl!



AllThingsPaperUK Design Team*

A while ago, I applied to be a part of AllThingsPaperUK design team and low and behold, I was picked! I couldn't quite believe my luck when I was but I'm super excited to start this journey! I will be showcasing this amazing shop as much as I can. 


Warehouse Wishlist

Quality clothing is hard to find. Shopping for clothes and them only lasting for a couple of months is an absolute pain. Why is it always your favourite items too? I've decided to stop buying clothing from Primark and only buy quality pieces. This doesn't mean I'm going high end, it just means that I am only buying clothing that fits well and is easy to take care of.



How To Start A Fitness Routine

Fitness is a hobby that I've had since I was very young. Ever since I can remember, I've done some sort of exercise: dance, hockey, netball, going to the gym. Lately, I've been lacking, probably because I've been overwhelmed trying to balance everything in my life and fitness has taken a back seat. I've always found I get the best results when I stick to a routine. Here are my top tips for making a workout routine work for you:



This or That? Tag

Tag time once again! I saw this tag on Bloglovin' the other day on the fabulous LoveLaughsLipstick's blog. I love themed tags but the general ones about a bit of everything let you know a bit more about me so here goes!



UK Etsy Spotlight: EllieBethDesignsUK

My Etsy spotlight is back! Now I have more money, I've been able to spend it on stickers! The next shop to feature in my series is the amazing EllieBethDesignsUK owned by the lovely Rachel. Now I have made many orders from Rachel's shop before now but this will be the first time featuring her on my blog!



Easing Back Into Fitness

Regular readers of he English Everygirl will know that I am really into my fitness. However, in recent weeks, I've been trying to follow my Bikini Series programme but I don't seem to be sticking with it very well. It's really hard to find the motivation to work up early every day to workout and to then come home and exercise after a long day at work. 


Instagram Tag

The lovely Laura tagged me in this new post. I am an Instagram addict and have been for quite a while but it's only in recent months that I've started to use it properly with hashtags!



Frosted Plan-It Design Team*

Exciting news: I'm part of Frosted Plan-It's new design team! If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know that I am obsessed with my planner. I've been following various Etsy shops on Instagram for a while and have recently started applying to be part of their design teams. Tara from Frosted Plan-It surprised me when she emailed me saying I'd been accepted onto her team! Along with two other lovely ladies, Michelle and Loretta, we will be showcasing Tara and her shop and all of the amazing stickers she has to offer!