Are you loving #Blogmas so far? I'm really enjoying doing a mixture of posts because I'm not quite yet in the full Christmas spirit! Day 4 is another beauty haul but this time, it's slightly different. I'm a huge bargain hunter and even though I love visiting Boots and Superdrug, I also love going to discount stores as they often have discontinued branded products.

I thought I'd share a couple of hauls I've made recently from these 'bargain' stores to show you all what you can buy for a cheaper price! The first store I visited was B&M. I love this shop for homeware and junk food mostly but then I discovered the beauty/toiletry aisle. They sell some huge brands like Tresemme, Rimmel and Dove.


First up was this gorgeous Rimmel Vinyl lipgloss in Snog. This is on offer in Boots for £4.99 right now; I only paid £1.99. Talk about a bargain! As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy. I've been after a pink lipgloss for a while and have been waiting for an offer to be on in Boots or Superdrug so at £2, it's even better!



I've looked at buying W7 for a while now and am a huge fan of their nail polishes. The pots are huge and always really pigmented so I thought I'd give their eyeshadow palettes a try. I first picked up In The Nude for £4.099 (RRP £9.95). I originally swatched these shadows; however they were so light that the camera barely even picked them up!



The second W7 palette I bought was Colour Me Buff, again for £4.99 (RRP £9.95). The colours are similar to the In The Nude palette but a bit darker. I love that both palettes have a mix of mattes and shimmers in them. I think I will have to start using them a bit more to give a proper review.


My initial first impression was not fantastic. When trying to swatch the different shades, I noticed that there was a lot of excess product coming out of each segment. I was also disappointed that the interior was pleather. I expected it to be plastic as it is a lot easier to clean. I have a tonne of Make-Up Revolution palettes and the pigmentation on those are incredible so these W7 shadows have a lot to live up to!

However, I have seen so many good reviews of these two palettes so I may do a follow up review in a couple of months time with a progress report!

Next week's installment will be featuring Poundland so stay tuned for more! Have you had any bargain buys recently? Leave me a comment below!


  1. How did I have no idea that B&M did makeup!? I need to have a better look around their store on my next visit, looks like you picked up some real bargains!! That Rimmel lip gloss looks fab! 💞 Looking forward to your Poundland article too, I love their false nails and nail varnishes!

    Abbey 🎄 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. You can get some amazing bargains in B&M! I saw sleek in the pound shop last week! I was amazed. I love W7 stuff, good dupes for Urban Decay!



  3. i love this post girl! So creative!


  4. I've never bought any makeup from the likes of B&M bargains! I also wonder how they can have it so cheap ha. The W7 palettes look nice, they remind me of the Naked palettes!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  5. I love W7 eyeshadow palettes, I have colour me buff and it's pretty much all I use!

  6. I absolutely love the W7 palettes! So happy B&M sell them for cheap x

  7. I freaaaking love the W7 palettes! So affordable and great dupes of the Naked Pallettes! I never knew B&M sold them! Fab post lovely xxx
    Rachel | www.rachelxblog.com

  8. I have never used W7 before so I am not sure how good they are but hopefully they will work out for you!!! They are so cheap though, so does it matter?/ ahah Great post!!
    Love Emma xox

  9. I love B&M but I've never stopped to look properly at the makeup, definitely going to next time!!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx | www.debrabow.com

  10. Aaahhh I need to get myself to a B&M ASAP! I'm so unsuccessful when it comes to finding bargain makeup though; my friends are always finding Illamasqua & theBalm in T K Maxx and I always find rubbish hahaha. You've inspired me to go on a hunt now!

    Lots of love Izzy | www.ADoseOfChatter.com