If you caught last Sunday's post, you'll see that I'm a huge bargain hunter especially when it comes to beauty. It's amazing what brands you can find in discount stores.

Next up in this feature is Poundland. Working very near one means I make at least one trip a week to my local store; however, I mostly buy junk food from there! However, on my last visit, I saw the end of one aisle was full of branded nail varnishes!


Firstly, I picked up the trusted Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. I've been using the L'Oreal clay range for a while and I'm really not impressed so I thought I'd venture back to a brand I used to use years ago. I went for the luxurious moisture range as my hair is dry as hell right now and could do with some shine!




Nail varnishes are my beauty weakness. I don't have a favourite brand or colour; I will pretty much buy anything to try it. I'm already the owner of a couple L'Oreal nail polishes and really love their strong colours so I invested in a couple more. For just £1 each, even if you don't like them, you're not breaking the bank if you get rid of them!

Next week's focus will be on Bargain Buys and I might have made a larger haul than this! Are you a nail polish obsessor like I am or do you have a certain other make-up vice? Leave me a comment below!


  1. Hooray, I've been looking forward to this post, Sian! I absolutely love bloggers who share budget beauty buys - I don't have the largest budget myself currently so I find these kinds of post incredibly useful and relatable, thank you! I'm so terrible at painting my nails that I don't really buy a lot of polishes! However I do love the turqoise shade that you picked out, it's really pretty! Fab to get branded polishes so cheap from good old Poundland! Great post, Sian!

    Abbey 🎄 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. I agree with Abbey's comment, love bloggers who show budget buys!!! I love Tresemme products, so I would love this xox

  3. I LOVE finding bargains just like you! Poundland seems to have some hidden gems every once in a while doesn't it?! x

  4. No way have poundland got Tresemme shampooo and conditioner? I'm going to run there right now, lol! Perfect size as they can go in my little travel bag I keep on reserve if I ever need to shoot off somewhere without having to take my huge bottles! Great haul lovely xx

  5. This is a great haul! I never think to look in stores like this for beauty related items but maybe I should. I've heard of a few people finding Nails Inc nails polishes in these kind of stores which is amazing!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer