Skincare has always been a difficult subject to me. When all my friends and colleagues are talking about these amazing, fragranced products they've tried, I'm sat there all quiet because I can't use them. I can't go into Lush and use their bath bombs whatsoever.
Eczema is such a pain when trying new products. I have to buy basic sensitive skin products and have a prescribed moisturiser during the winter because it gets so bad!

When Laura from Skintifique contacted me about trying some new skincare, I made sure to do a tonne of research before accepting her offer. After a few emails were exchanged, I settle on trying the Skintifique Eczema Pack. It includes two of their four products: the Moisturising Lotion HP and the Hydrating Gel Plus HS.

Skintifique are a French/American skincare brand who specialise in pure products. Every Skintifique product is cruelty free and vegan as well as alcohol-free. They are also "the world’s first skincare product to provide protection against allergies to metals such as Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt".


The first product in the Eczema pack is the Moisturising Lotion HP. First of all, a 200ml bottle is a decent size and pump dispensers are always my favourite for moisturisers that I keep at home. It can be used on the body and/or face which is where I've been using it.


I've been using this daily for two weeks now and I already am so impressed! I've used it on my face every morning and used it on any flaky and itchy skin on my body. I'm not going to say it's disappeared completely but I've noticed a decline in itching and redness in those areas. I am a huge fan of the pump dispenser and love that it can be closed so no spillage! I'll definitely keep using it for the time being!



The second product in the eczema pack is the Hydrating Gel Plus HS. The gel is a more intense cream than the moisturiser hence why it comes in a 40ml tube. Again it can be used on the face and body but I've been using it as a night moisturiser because of its thickness.



With the Hydrating Gel, a little goes a long way. I've found it takes a lot longer to sink in than the moisturising lotion but I don't mind that on a night time. In a morning, I wake up with refreshed skin that doesn't feel dry or greasy for a change!


I'm thrilled I haven't had a reaction to either product which usually happens with skincare for me! The eczema pack that I received is definitely something I will look into purchasing myself although I think these two products will last me a while! I'm also looking into buying the other products in the range as I was so impressed!

You can buy the Eczema pack here or buy the Moisturising Lotion and Hydrating Gel seperately.

I was sent these products to review but all views are my own!


  1. I don't suffer with eczema myself but I have a friend who gets it really badly so I'll pass on this brand name to her!
    Amy xx

  2. This sounds like it really works, I don't have eczema but I have tried Skintifique products and they are really great x

  3. I'm so pleased you got on so well with the Skintifique products I used to have such bad eczema and barely anything would work for me so I feel your pain! I'm testing out their cleanser at the moment and loving it too ❤

    Lots of love Izzy | www.ADoseOfChatter.com

  4. I'm lucky that I don't really have much sensitivity to products so I can only imagine how annoying it must be when you do. It's great that you've found something that works for you.

  5. So glad you managed to find some products that you could use! I'm incredibly lucky my skin isn't sensitive! xxx www.therosebeautyfiles.com

  6. So great to hear that these products have given you a bit of relief from the flaking and itching, Sian! I don't suffer from eczema personally but I can imagine it's such a pain not being able to use the majority of fragranced products or a good ol' LUSH bath bomb! Thanks for sharing such an in depth review!

    Abbey 🌸 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  7. What a lovely detailed post! I don't suffer from eczema myself but I know of friends and family who do and I think this would be so good for them to try!

  8. So great that you found somthing to help you, I don't suffer with eczema but my friend does and it's a nightmare.! Great post xox

  9. Such a great post, i personally don't suffer with eczema however a lot of clients that come to me do suffer so I will be sure to pass on your review xxxx

  10. This looks great, my little lad suffers with eczema so I have to be careful what I use on him, my mum suffers too so going to recommend these to her. Thank you for sharing xxxx


  11. I've heard a few good things about this brand recently! I'm going to have to look into it a bit. I'm glad these products have worked well for you! I don't have eczema but my friend does and I know how much of a pain it can be for him

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer