Autumn TV Watchlist

It's that time of year: it's getting colder and darker outside, we're counting down to Christmas so we've got very little money and all the good TV is back on or starting very shortly! Autumn telly really is great! Along with reality TV, we get a tonne of new dramas as well as all the oldies that get played every year.


Make-Up Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks

Dupes, however you may feel about them, are everywhere. Be it in high street shops taking inspiration from the catwalk or down the make-up aisles where budget brands are making a cheaper version of high-end beauty products.



Peek Inside My New Flat

Harry Potter and monochrome? My two loves in life.
Two weeks ago, I made my big move to Sheffield. In fairness, I went away to the Peak District for five days so it's only been just over a week but it's finally a place I can call my own. Yes, I might only be renting but if you're ever stayed in student accommodation, you'll know how, well, generic, it can be. I'm lucky that I could afford a decent studio flat because I could not see me coping having to share a kitchen and/or bathroom again!



Jewellery Box Winnings

Dainty jewellery is something that I've always been a fan of. Being petite means that I can look overwhelmed when wearing big jewels (although I love a statement necklace!) so I tend to opt for smaller pieces that are plain and silver.



Body Shop Matte Lip Liquids Review + Swatches!

Who else is so excited that autumn is officially here? I'm a January baby which means I love the colder months. The coats, the boots, the darker clothing, the deep-coloured lips. Finally, the make-up looks that suit me best are back on-trend during the autumn.


October Goals


September was such a crazy month for me! Making my big move to Sheffield, starting a new job, starting my university course and going to my first ever blogger events! It's really been a month of firsts for me!