26 Before 26

Now that I’ve reached a quarter of a century on the planet and am now the wise old age of 25, I really need to start getting my shit together. I’ve always been someone who strives for the best; in fact, my ambition has got in the way of relationships and friendships before with people in my life not wanting me to reach my full potential or reach my dreams.


The Greatest Showman Review

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I used to live in the cinema. Well, not literally, but when I was younger, I was there on a weekly basis. In senior school and college, especially during the holidays, I was there multiple times a week. In recent years, the price of cinema tickets has risen and I’ve not had the time to spend a couple of hours watching the big screen.


24 Achievements At 24

Yesterday was an exciting yet equally terrifying day for me: I turned 25! I'm excited to become a proper adult but the idea of being halfway to 50 (as my dad likes to remind me frequently) scares the crap out of me!


Brand Focus: No7


I've been a fan of No7 for a while now; it's the only brand I buy foundation and mascara from. I've always been a budget, drugstore brand but for certain products, I believe it can be better to pay a little more than a couple of quid if they're what you're looking for.


The Watch-List: December 2017


December is usually a month where I watch a shedload of TV and films; however, with uni deadlines, extra shifts at work plus travelling to and from Sheffield for both Christmas and New Year, I've not watched a great deal!


101 In 1001

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm one of those people who doesn't celebrate New Year itself but who loves any chance of a fresh start. I always use the first couple of days in January to get my shit together, organise my life and try to start how I mean to go on. However, I am also someone who usually fails by the 4th or 5th and has had enough of everything and has a lazy year after that point.