Yesterday was an exciting yet equally terrifying day for me: I turned 25! I'm excited to become a proper adult but the idea of being halfway to 50 (as my dad likes to remind me frequently) scares the crap out of me!
Is it about time I acted liked a proper adult or can I still claim to be a twenteen? I've always thought I was mature for my age but sometimes I feel like I'm a big kid. Now I'm 25, inside I'm about 85 (especially with my dodgy back!) with a mental age of 5.

I mean, am I allowed to watch kid films still like anything Disney? Is it still acceptable to eat those chocolate Animal biscuits? Can I still keep my old soft toys or do I have to give them away?

The answer is yes, Sian. You like what you like, no matter what your age is. However, this year is really the year that I kick some booty in every aspect of my life. I will be setting myself some goals that I want to achieve later on this week which will mean another personal post!

For now, I wanted to reflect on being 24. In many ways, it was a great age for me. You could say I've come of age but I really feel like I have accomplished a lot in the past year. I thought I'd take the time to share those achievements with you all today!

1. I started my Masters degree. 
Studying sports journalism is a dream come true. The idea that I will get to write about something that I love for a living really helps me to focus on my degree and trying to make it on the career ladder.

2. I moved to Sheffield. 
In September, I made the move from Hull and moved into my studio flat. I knew that if I moved into shared accommodation with strangers, I'd want to go home (I need my own clean and tidy space) so living in brand new, student accommodation was the way for me.

3. I finally left my Post Office job after 3+ years. 
I loved the job and the people there but there was no chance of full-time work or any sort of promotion in branch so it was time for me to leave. I initially moved to a Post Office in Sheffield but on a zero-hour contract which was no good when I needed a consistent income for rent!

4. I started a new job at Laura Ashley. 
I finally found a new job in November and have enjoyed my time there so far. For a retail job, there is a lot to learn as I cover both fashion and homeware but it seems to be going well!

5. I started a bunch of new writing gigs. 
In 2017, I've joined Nothing But League, Rugby League TV, The Growing Up Guide and #HallamInsiders. It's just a matter of trying to balance them all now alongside my blog and retail job!

6. I have met some incredible people since moving. 
Hollie, Daniel and Brooke have become my besties! I feel like I've known them years yet it's only been 4 months!

7. I attended my first ever blogging events, three in fact! 
It started off with the Meadowhall student night, followed by the incredible Bloggers Blog Awards in Leeds as well as a night at The Botanist here in Sheffield.

8. I got rid of some toxic friends. 
I knew moving to another city would mean less contact with people back home but when you make an effort to catch up and they don't, you know it's time to say goodbye!

9. I got better at saving. 
Because I only applied for my masters in July, I had very little time to save up to move out. After selling my car, I made sure that money went into an ISA and have been saving small amounts since.

10. I learned how to budget. 
Moving out meant being solely in charge of my money. At home, I didn't have to pay board or pay any bills (other than a food shop, my phone contract and my gym membership). When I moved out, I had to make sure that my income was being used wisely to go towards rent, food shopping as well as treating myself to new make-up!

11. I went on several solo staycations. 
I love travelling around the UK and finding new places to go. In 2017, I crossed Newcastle, Birmingham, Nottingham and the Peak District off my bucket list and even went to Birmingham twice! There are so many amazing sights in the UK so I've still got a long way to go!

12. I bought my own blog domain. 
I've been blogging on and off for around 5 years and have been blogging a little more consistently on The English Everygirl for over three years. I thought it was about time that I took the next step and bought my own domain! Since then, I have noticed a difference in terms of interaction and numbers!

13. I started a media placement with the RFL. 
It's a huge dream of mine to work in rugby league media and this is a great opportunity for me. I will get to report on university games and hopefully this will lead to a job in the industry somehow!

14. I saw Lady Antebellum live. 
I've fallen out of love with music in the past couple of years but country music is still my favourite genre. I've been a fan of Lady A for quite some time and it was such a incredible evening seeing them live! I went along to Birmingham and had the best night with strangers singing along!

15. I formed a closer relationship with my dad
If you don't know, my dad is my best friend. However, as I've got older, I've really started to appreciate him and form a friendship with him. We have similar interests and personalities and he's the first person I go to when I need advice or have news or gossip!

16. I became more comfortable in my own skin. 
The older I get, the more self-confidence I get. I still get nervous in new settings but I've definitely developed a more care-free attitude over the years. I know there's more to me than what's on the outside.

17. I embraced the single life. 
I've been single for a couple of years now and I'm in no rush to change that any time soon. Yes, I've dated guys in that time but none were worthy of my time in the long run! Now, I can focus on myself and what I want without having to explain my every move to someone!

18. I re-discovered my love of musicals. 
I've always been a fan but since our theatre shut, I realised how much I missed watching them! I’ve made it my mission to watch as many as I can over the next year or so!

19. I got my first sponsored blog post. 
I also worked with a bunch of brands and PR companies. It’s been a great year for my blog. Although my posting has been inconsistent, my blog has really grown in terms of numbers and content!

20. I learned new skills. 
In the past year, I've learnt the basics of InDesign, Photoshop and some photography tips. I know I have improvements to make and more to learn but these are incredibly useful skills for me in my career and for my blog!

21. My rugby team, Hull FC, won the Challenge Cup again. 
As a massive sports fan, there’s nothing better than your home club winning a trophy. Rugby league is a minority sport but it’s my biggest love!

22. I went cruelty-free with my beauty products. 
With my eczema, it’s not been the easiest transition but all my make-up, skincare and haircare are all cruelty-free. I adore Superdrug’s wide range of products (their own brand and many make-up brands they sell are CF!).

23. I celebrated three years of The English Everygirl. 
My blog has come such a long way since the beginning and it has such a long way to go too! I’ve been blogging for longer than that but this is the first time that it’s truly stuck for me!

24. I got a whole week to celebrate my 25th birthday! 
I decided to book the entire week off work so I could celebrate at home and see family and friends that I’ve not seen since moving to Sheffield. It was truly an amazing week so I’m a little sad to be back in Sheffield today!

Here's hoping that 25 will be a great age for me! I'm really proud of how far I've come this year but I'm really hoping this year will be even better! 

What has been your highlight of the past year? Let me know in a comment below! 

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