At the start of the year, I set off to complete 101 goals in 1001 days. So far, we’re slightly over a quarter of the way through (250 days was 8th September so we’re now on day 276) so I thought I’d delve deeper into how I’ve been getting along. I won’t lie, I’m really not expecting to see much progress other than some box sets watched and my beauty stash reduced!



1. Save £5,000. I’ve had my first two payslips from my new job, which are about double the amount I was used to receiving and I also had my final pay from my old Post Office at the end of August. So far, I’ve managed to save around £2500 which will be going towards a car very, very soon. £2500/£5000

6. Have a huge bedroom clearout at home and in my flat! Having new wardrobes, I was able to see just how much crap I own. My dad and I have slowly been making our way through the back bedroom pile-up too with multiple trips to the local recycling centre and charity shops. How a family of three can hoard so much crap is unreal! It’s a good job we don’t actually need the third bedroom for anything!

8. Have a huge make-up purge. I first got rid of all the stuff that I knew I didn’t like for definite. This went to my mum’s work friends as well as family. Now I still have a huge stockpile but I’m trying to change up the products I use. Instead of using my trusted favourites, I’ve decided to use different products every single day. If I like them, they can stay. Not a fan? Out they go!

11. Go for my first smear test. This really wasn’t as scary as I was expecting it to be. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable in more ways than one and apparently my cervix went for a little wander but for a few moments of weirdness, I now know I have no abnormal cells!

12. Buy some new glasses. So I’ve gone a little more blind than previous so I needed new glasses! I made full use of the two for £100 offer (I don’t bother with designer glasses because I’m short-sighted and don’t need to wear them all the time) so finally I have a change!

14. Have a Facebook purge of friends and pages I liked when I was younger. I genuinely spent a full night procrastinating from uni work and spent about 3 hours unliking pages. I think in total, I unliked about 1000 pages and there’s still way more to go! I was cringing during the process because some of them are just awful.

15. Unsubscribe from all those shopping emails. Well I did do this at the start of the year and now I’ve re-signed back up to a few important ones: ASOS, Beauty Bay, Gap, Fat Face. Basically shops that I know I use regularly!


17. Pass my Essential Media Law exam. I don’t ever have to resit this exam because I have passed it finally on attempt number 3!

22. Leave the retail industry. Getting my new job in digital marketing was the best thing I ever did. Working Monday-Friday and having weekends free is such a blessing! Once I get my car, I’ll be able to make the most of my nights/weekends too. Hello social life again and not having to depend on my dad for a lift!

25. Set up a journalism Twitter profile. I think this was the first goal I ticked off. It’s more of a rugby league journalism account but I do need to make better use out of it, even if I have got a full-time job now!

28. Build a professional workwear wardrobe. I’ve slowly started to acquire more pieces for my workwear wardrobe but I have been sending a lot of my purchases back! I’m in between sizes lately and a lot of stuff is not advertised as cropped but is when I receive it!


Blogging/Social Media

47. Learn how to use Photoshop. Because of my new job in digital marketing, I have basically forced myself to edit and resize images myself so I don’t have to constantly keep asking for help! I’m definitely no pro but I seem to have mastered the basics so far!


70. Read 70 books (one a fortnight). I can’t believe how well I’ve got on with this so far this year. As a kid, I spent time every single day reading a book whereas now I have less free time, I hadn’t finished a book in about five years. So far in the past couple of months, I’ve read 9 books and am finishing the 10th currently. They’ve all been books by either Lindsey Kelk or Paige Toon as I make my way through my bookshelf. It will be Harry Potter once I’ve finished theirs! 9/70

72. Go to 3 concerts. It’s not often I get to go to concerts anymore, probably because I don’t really listen to a whole lot of music anymore! I listen mostly to country and musical soundtracks right now! However, I did go to see Nerina Pallot in April and she was amazing! Soulful, beautiful music: perfect on a Saturday night back home! I’ve also got Daughtry to see on October 14th as well as Lea Michele & Darren Criss in December so I’ll have completed this by Christmas! 1/3

76. Start and finish:

  • How To Get Away With Murder. Well, I started it but reallllly didn’t like it! I will try and give it another watch at some point though!

77. Finish:

  • Grey’s Anatomy: I’m onto season 8 next and I’m not sure I will make it to the latest series. I cannot deal with the emotions!
  • Arrow: I’ve finished season 5 and I love this show. Felicity is definitely my favourite character so far!
  • Gilmore Girls: I remember watching this as a kid and not really getting it but now I’ve watched it all once, I’m already re-watching it! I know it has its flaws but Rory is a very relatable character and I share many traits with her!
  • The West Wing: I’ve managed to get through 5 series so far but it’s one of those shows that you need to give your full attention to and I just haven’t had the time to do that yet!
  • Hart of Dixie: So much more enjoyable the second time of viewing. Rachel Bilson is one of my girl crushes and her fashion is amazing in this! It’s a really easy show to watch and it’s very funny at times!

78. Rewatch:

  • Gossip Girl: I mean I’ve seen it 100 times but I still love it. Although I will admit, I used to envy Blair and Serena’s friendship back in the day but my god, it is toxic! However, the fashion is the best so I can overlook it. I also have gone from being a Chuck girl to a Nate girl.
  • Downton Abbey: Urgh, I adore this show. It’s not the easiest show to binge watch as some of the episodes are long and I’m not sure how historically accurate it is but it’s such a great show. The Dowager Countess will always be my favourite character!

81. Visit the theatre 15 times. Luckily because I plan this so far in advance, I’ve been to see four shows so far this year: Jersey Boys in February, The Band in March, Hairspray in April and Let It Be last weekend. I’ve got a couple of ballets lined up over the next few months and will be going to see a couple of other musicals in early 2019 too. I’ve also got tickets to see Wicked in December in the West End again so I’m excited to take my bestie Brooke with me! 4/15

84. Try 25 new restaurants. Having just got back from a week away in the Lake District, I can safely say, we visited 7 new restaurants/cafes! Not all were great but none of them were a complete disaster! My favourites so far have to be Choccobar in Bowness and Daisy’s Cafe in Ambleside. 7/25


101. Save £20 each time I complete one of these goals! Now I’ve seen that I’ve actually completed a few goals, I best get adding to the pot! 11/1001 = £220!

I’ve actually surprised myself by completing nearly a dozen goals already! i was genuinely only expecting to have completed 2-3 so 11 is a great achievement for me! I can’t wait to see how I get on in the second quarter. I’ll do an update when we’re about halfway through so keep an eye out for that post!

Completed 8/101

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