20 Reasons Why I Love Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad, or LC as I tend to refer to her as, has been a role model of mine for many years now. As I’m re-watching The Hills currently, I thought it would be nice to tie in the many reasons as to why I love LC.
Even though she’s a reality TV show, I’ve always felt a connection to her. She knows that her career and friends are the most important and that although finding love is important, it’s not everything. And let’s face it, she might have the best personality but have you seen her wardrobe/hair/make-up? She looks flawless always!

1. Friendship is so important. A smaller group of friends is so much more beneficial that a bigger group.

2. As much as we don’t want to admit it, we all want to be the girl who can change a bad guy into a good guy.

3. Every woman is beautiful in their own way. Not everyone can be a supermodel so why should we try to?

4. Just be you and you’ll be happy. I think change can be good as long as it’s for you but in the end, you have to put yourself first.

5. Always put your own stamp on things. Don’t ever be afraid to do something off the beaten track if it means something to you.

6. Put yourself first. Weekly pamper nights are my kind of TLC but just make sure you take time for yourself.

7. Mistakes are a part of life. Just make sure that you learn from them.

8. Never settle for second best. If the guy doesn’t want to be with you, he doesn’t want to be with you, full stop.

9. Some guys just aren’t worth your time. It could be a really good guy or a really bad guy but either way, just move on.

10. You have to take the good with the bad. Life is not all roses so you just have to take the bad times with a pinch of salt.

11. Guys are pretty easy but it’s not all about the gifts. If you fall out with your guy because he doesn’t really buy you gifts, you need to rethink yourself.

12. Prioritise what matters to you. It could be a relationship, uni, your career, family; whatever it is, just make sure you take care of what’s important to you.

13. Be you. Be proud of your talents and achievements.

14. Don’t have anyone in your life who doesn’t deserve to be there. If someone treats you badly, you can do without them.

15. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But sometimes the truth hurts. Just try to keep a balance.

16. You will lose friends and that’s okay. If you’re still friends with a girl from primary school then that’s great. Just because you’ve known someone the longest, doesn’t mean they’re the best.

17. You either love someone or you don’t, simple as. Yes it might not be instant but if you’re not in love after a few months, it’s probably not meant to be.

18. Guys can be the worst. Just when you’re moving on, that one guy will come back into your life and you’ll get all the feels again. (Yes I’m speaking from experience here!)

19. Best friends don’t always have to be by your side to be there. You don’t always have to see your best friend every day but you know they’re there if you need them.

20. Being nice is so underrated. Being nice gets you places. Being nice gets you to the top of the ladder. Being nice helps you form good relationships.