#52WeeksOfHappiness: Week 2

Once again, I’ve been super busy this week with uni as I’ve had a presentation to complete as well as a group project to start! So much work, not enough time!

Monday wasn’t the best start way to start the week. I was in bed most of the day ill and only left to go to my Performing Arts rehearsals as I hadn’t gone the week before. Turns out I’d missed quite a bit but I managed to catch up pretty quickly. We’re finally getting to do a bit of ballet too which is amazing!

Tuesday was the one day I ended up doing work at home so I had books all over my bed trying to make sense out of my group projects!

Wednesday was the time to finalise our presentation finally and then I had 3 hours of dance. By the end of it, I was so knackered and my back was killing. The reason of this is because I have to roll over a girl’s back with my legs in the splits. It’s hard to describe but this is what I mean!

I spent most of Thursday at uni as I had lectures and meetings for my other group project! Then I had to meet up with my presentation group to go through all the fine details. After that I went home to write up my speech on cue cards and try to relax for the night!

Friday was the day of our presentation. The fire alarm managed to go off just after our presentation! Our tutor was saying a load of negatives about our presentation and then gave us 67/100 which is a high 2:1! I was pleasantly surprised. Afterwards, I got to see Tom and just have a chill night before working all weekend!

I’m glad that I have one presentation out of the way now as I have 3 essays, an oral assessment and another presentation all in before Christmas! Stressing!!!!!