A Fresh Start

So after a long time away from blogging properly, I’ve decided to rebrand completely. The name, The English Everygirl, is actually inspired by a book that I will review soon. It’s The Everygirl’s Guide To Life (available at Amazon here); I read it from cover to cover and was re-inspired.

Previously writing Swiftly Style made me discover that I like to blog about topics other than just fashion. This blog will now cover more lifestyle topics as well as style and reviews of all sorts of products. I will also introduce more personal things.

My aim for my final year of uni starting October is to blog more and gain more experience. From next week, I will be writing on League Freak as rugby league is still one of my main passions.

Hopefully, those of you who enjoyed Swiftly Style will stick with me and maybe I’ll get some new readers too! I’d be grateful for any comments on any posts too as it gives me a massive boost to know that people are reading my posts and I’m not just speaking to myself!

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