A Life-Changing Year

Up until now, I’ve never believed that one year can change everything or that just one person can change everything. Both of these have proved me wrong this year. And for once, a pessimist like me has had some bloody good luck in the past year. Never had I ever thought that someone would come into my life and turn it around like they have. Never had I ever thought that I was worthy of being loved and worthy of opening my heart to someone in the way I have.

I’ve never been one of those girls that’s always had a boyfriend; I always had my nose buried in a book or dancing my passions away. Sure, I’ve dated a few but genuinely thought I’d never find that one special guy who would tick every box. And then Tom entered my life. We met on Twitter and after a few days of online conversation, we decided to go for it and had our very first bowling date, Tom always says he knew from the first day that he wanted to be with me (it took me a second date to make sure!) which is strange for me as no guy has ever thought that of me. I could list every single thing about Tom that makes him so amazing but that would just embarrass him! The main thing for me is how he makes me feel. Safe, loved, special, confident, happy. All of these feelings he instills in me have made me a much better, happier, healthier person than I was a year ago.

So tonight to celebrate our year, we went back to the root of it all: bowling. Most people go out for a fancy 3-course meal for their anniversary but as we were discussing on the way home, that’s not us. We don’t need one special day to define what our love is for another, every day is special and we express our love every day. Sure, it’s amazing to say we’ve been together a whole year now but to be honest, it feels like we’ve been together forever. I am so comfortable around Tom, he knows everything about me and he’s still here. And hopefully he’ll be here for years to come.