I have to admit: I’m a nosy person. I love reading personal blog posts by many of my favourite bloggers. I genuinely love getting to know the person behind the computer. I think tag posts are a great way of doing that!

The lovely Tasha tagged me in the AM/PM tag post which I was super excited to do! It’s been a while since I’ve done one so here goes:


 1.What’s your morning beauty routine?

The first thing I do is clean my face with a micellar water. My favourite right now is Garnier’s but I’m trying some new ones after the bottle is empty! Then I use a milk cleanser and toner, specifically for sensitive skin. Wilko have a fantastic range for that and I love them. Best of all, they’re only 95p each!

2.What’s for breakfast?

I actually don’t eat breakfast. I just find it really difficult to stomach food first thing in a morning! If I’m not at work, I’ll have toast or crumpets mid-morning though.

3.Coffee or tea?

I don’t like tea or coffee but I looooove me some hot chocolate so I usually make one so I can take it to work with me.

4. How long does it take you to get out the door?

I’m up at 6am and out for 7.40am. In that time, I can have a workout, a shower, get ready, make lunch and have a browse on social media. I’ve got my routine ironed out nowadays!

5. What’s your go-to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?

Most morning for work, I opt for primer, foundation, concealer, contour, mascara and lipbalm. If I skip my workout and have a little more time, I’ll do a brown smoky eye with shadow and liner or wear a lipstick. I tend to keep my make-up natural for work!


1. What’s your evening beauty routine?

As soon as I get home, I take my make-up off with a wipe. I know it’s dreadful but I then use micellar water to cleanse properly. Next, I apply my trusted cleanser and toner followed by my night moisturiser. I like to paint my nails a couple of nights a week too; I find it therapeutic!

2. Snack time! What’s in the bowl?

I should say something healthy like an apple but most of the time, it’s chocolate. I have tried to stop snacking on a weekday night though!

3. How do you wind down and prep for bed?

I spend most nights in bed blogging and watching TV boxsets. I like to have a hot drink around half an hour before bed. Then I fill in my Q&A a day book and then read of couple of chapters of a book.

4. Cosy up! What are you wearing to sleep?

PJs always. I have to wear socks to bed too because my feet get so cold!

5.What are some things you have to do before hitting the hay?

I like to check social media and recently I’ve started stretching before bed! I always get out my clothes for the next day as well as my workout gear. I set my alarm and prep my lunch for the following today.

I tag anyone reading this post who hasn’t done it yet!