April Goals


I’m so excited for April to be here. I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life: no more education, a new man in my life and trying to blog daily!

1. Workout every day for at least 10 minutes. In March, I failed massively with this. After finishing my college course, I’ve basically just chilled out for the rest of the month! I’ve following a few different fitness challenges so I want to incorporate them as much as humanely possible!

2. Re-start Fit, Fierce Fab and Self x TIU challenge on Monday. I want to really focus on my fitness so I’m restarting two challenges I’ve done before. First is the programme in this fabulous book and the second is this magazine challenge. Both set out what workouts need to be done on which days which I love!

3. Start Lauren Gleisberg’s ConfidenceKini challenge on Sunday. Alongside the above challenges and following the TIU schedule as much as possible, I want to incorporate this new challenge as and when I can!

4. Write down my budget for the month. Right now I am skint. Yes I’ve just been paid but I am only working Saturdays currently. I am looking for a new job as well as pushing to get extra hours in my current job but it means that I will spending as little as possible this month.

5. eBay old clothes and books. This hopefully will give me a bit of income. It’s just a bit of a chore uploading all of the information!