August Goals

July was a loooooong month. I spent most of it either at work or blogging as that is pretty much my life now! I literally don’t have time for anything other than that and working out! However, for now, I’m okay with that. I like to keep busy and it’s about time I focused more on myself.

Before I get into my goals for August, first let’s recap my July goals:

1. Follow the July Blogilates calendar. I gave up with this pretty much as soon as I started it but I restarted the Tone It Up Bikini Series so I’m still keeping fit!
2. Host a girl’s night in. This I haven’t done yet but I will do soon when everyone is back from their hols!
3. Reach 2,300 followers on Twitter DONE! I’m now at 2,341!
4. Reach 850 followers on Instagram DONE! I’m now at 869!
5. Continue with posting every weekday. I’ve had a bit of a tough time with my blog and the response to it this month so I’ve not been posting as frequently.
6. Continue to schedule tweets. I’ve been doing this when I’ve been blogging so so far so good!
7. Start decorating my planner again! I’ve been invited to join a design team for a lovely Etsy seller and it’s inspired me to start planning again!
8. Create a capsule wardrobe for summer and look ahead to autumn. This has not been done as of yet. I’ve reduced my wardrobes as much as possible but I hope to now just create an autumn capsule wardrobe.
9. Cut down on my spending DONE! I’ve got more money in my account at the end of the month than ever before!
10. Finish watching Revenge DONE! Now I need to buy season 4 so I can finish it off!

I think I did an alright job during July but a new month brings news goals and gives me something to refocus on. Now onto this month:

1. Continue with the TIU Bikini Series 2016. I failed massively at the first round so I’m determined to do it right second time round!
2. Reach 2,450 Twitter followers.
3. Reach 900 Instagram followers.
4. Use my Sundays wisely. Plan blog posts, schedule tweets, pamper night. These always set me up for a great week!
5. Concentrate on myself and my career. I’ve been pretty lazy recently and really want to get back to a motivated version of myself. I want to get back writing for other websites as well as growing my own blog.
6. Comment on more blog posts. I read tonnes of posts but rarely comment. I want to start spreading the love to my fave bloggers!
7. Take more photos. I’ve reused a lot of the same photos on posts so this month, I’d like to start taking more photos myself.
8. Finish Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I bought the book from work (thanks to staff discount!) and I’m so excited to read it!
9. Get back on track with shorthand. I’m planning on retaking my 60wpm exam in September so I need to build up my speed again!
10. Keep track of my spending! We’re going on a bit of a spending kickback in our house so we’re saving all receipts to see what we’re spending all of our money on!