Back-To-School Essentials Part 2: Clothing

Yesterday’s part 1 showed you my stationary essentials for going back to education and now it’s time to look at clothes. If you’re going back-to-school, I appreciate that you have a uniform to wear but you can still accessorise!

When I was at school there were a few items I always had on to make me stand out:

  1. A headband- When Gossip Girl first started, I idolised Blair Waldorf and her headbands. I collected so many, mostly with bows on.
  2. A cool handbag- It has to be big enough for all of your books but it doesn’t mean you have to get an ugly backpack. Now there are loads of cool backpacks out there as well as handbags for school. I always found the ones with loads of pockets were the best.
  3. Comfy black shoes- I had to wear black shoes for school but made sure they were always cute and comfy. This meant I wore pumps usually but then I found brogues and never looked back!
  4. Socks- Wearing brogues meant I could get away with wearing crazy socks!
  5. Earrings- I don’t have my ears pierced but that was the only jewellery we were allowed to wear as long as they were small. There are loads of earrings on the high street to choose from too!
  6. A stylish coat and hat/scarves/gloves- Now summer has basically gone, it’s so important to have a super cosy winter coat ready for the colder months. And I always have to have hats, scarves and gloves aswell because I’m always so cold! Whilst it’s not so cold, opt for a leather jacket or a mac instead.
However, I do appreciate that the majority of my readers are in college or uni so we get to be a bit more creative with our clothing! However, I still believe that us students all have a few essential clothing items in common!
  1. Skinny jeans- we live in these. Great for a day at uni but great on a cold winter’s night out with heels!
  2. A cosy jumper- I don’t know about you but in huge lecture theatres, I get bloody freezing so a jumper is perfect for me!
  3. Lots of slouchy t-shirts- I have so many t-shirts mostly in plain colours and they’re great for throwing on in a rush. I pair them with cardigans, blazers, skirts, jeans, shorts, everything really!
  4. Ballet flats- I just chuck these on before I run out the door when I’m running late!
  5. Sneakers- whether they’re Converse, running trainers or Keds, they’re great for when you want a more casual look
  6. A pair of good boots- Tan or black boots go with everything but you can pick whatever style suits you. Biker, riding, Chelsea- go for it!
  7. A practical bag- I own a cute backpack for days when I have loads to carry but I also have smaller handbags that still fit everything in.
  8. A dress that can be worn day or night- Any colour, any style but make sure you can wear it during the day for lectures and can dress it up for night. I usually opt for a plain-coloured dress so I can accessorise it.
  9. A winter coat- Just like my school essentials, us students still need a good winter coat!
  10. Items that suit your personality and style- Each one of us is different so different items matter most to us and suit us more. For me it’s stripey tops and anything leather.
So there you have it, my fashion essentials for students! What items are your must-haves in your wardrobe?