Bikini Series 2016 Week 2 Round 2!

Week 2: done! It’s been challenging trying to raise my energy levels to workout when I’m working most days but that is definitely an area that I am willing to improve on! This week, I have cut back on snacking quite a bit but then I haven’t had that much of an appetite during the week.

PMWO: 1 hour of The Fitness Marshall dance videos


Rest day
Rest day
PMWO: Beach Babe 4 Booty on the Bae + Legs for Days + dance session!
Rest day
PMWO: Beach Babe 4 Cardio Abs + Bikini Abs 2015
I failed massively at working out in the morning; I’ve not been sleeping very well so I feel that I need the extra sleep in order to work well which is more important to me than my fitness right now! I’ve been taking pack-up and not taking share bags of sweets to work so I’ve cut down on junk food a lot!
This week I want to:
  • Fit in 6 BootyCalls
  • Make sure I have double workouts on my days off
  • Limit myself to 2 hot chocolates a day
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