Bikini Series 2016: Week 2

Time to reflect on week 2 on the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I’ve been really organised the past week and been sleeping in my workout clothes so I have no excuse for a morning Booty Call!

Day 8: Monday
AMWO: BB4 HIIT Me Up + Toned Arms
PMWO: Lots of walking

Day 9: Tuesday
Rest day

Day 10: Wednesday
AMWO: BB4 Kettle Flow + Rock Your Body

Day 11: Thursday
AMWO: BB4 Upper Body Total Toner

Day 12: Friday
PMWO: BB4 Booty On The Bae + Cardio Abs

Day 13: Saturday
Rest day

Day 14: Sunday
Rest day

Yesterday unfortunately was just one of those days where I really didn’t feel like doing much. I just ended up bulk writing blog posts and chilling out. As today is my day off, I will be spending this evening planning out my meals, workouts and outfits. This week is a crazy busy week with work and date nights but I want to get in double workouts as much as I can. I might take the rest of today off though to heal my mind!

The week 3 schedule is live right now and you can follow my progress for the rest of the series by following the Instagram profile I created for it!