Bikini Series 2016 Week 3 Round 2

Week 3 is done and dusted! This week has been a bit of a dud one for me. I injured my foot midweek so struggled to put any weight on it for 2-3 days then on Friday, I had a terrible migraine. I’ve not been sleeping well so morning workouts have gone astray. I’ve managed to get in a couple of workouts but  not many. Here’s to hoping that week 4 goes significantly better!

Rest day

AMWO: BB4 HIIT Me Up, BB4 K&K Slay, Hump Day HIIT and an hour of dancing around!

Rest day

PMWO: Bikini Arms 2014, Bikini Arms 2015, Short & Sweet Shoulder Routine + 3 Moves for a Sexy Upper Back (all 2 rounds)

Friday + Saturday
Rest day

PMWO: Stretching session before bed

As you can see, not my finest week. I’m hoping to get my head focused for Week 4 so I can get back on track with my workouts.

This week I want to:

  • Fit in 5 AMWOs
  • Double workouts on my day off is a definite!
  • PMWOs on 3-4 days