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Bikini Series 2016: Week 5

Any progress is progress, right? I’ve worked out 5 sessions this week. Now I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but when the goal was to try to make 2 sessions a day, 7 days a week and I’ve already had a week off in this 8-week series, it’s close to a miracle!

AMWO: BB2 Set The Bar

PWMO: BB4 Rock Your Body + BB4 Cardio Abs

AMWO: BB4 Beach Booty + BB4 Toned Arms

AMWO: BB4 Bikini Body + BB2 Sunrise Routine

Active rest day, spent the day walking around Leeds/Castleford

Rest day

PMWO: BB4 HIIT Me Up + BB4 Toned Abs + BB4 K&K Slay

Out of the BB4 workouts, I’ve been averaging 7-8 a week. However, the aim for this week is to do 10 out of the 14 from the videos. Hopefully by week 8, I’ll be able to do all 14!

I’ve been thinking about what to do after the Bikini Series has finished and I think I will be restarting the challenge. I didn’t start the programme as well as I wanted to do (week 3 was a disaster) so I want to redo the challenge ad incorporate all 14 Beach Babe 4 workouts per week.

Goals for this week

  • 4-5 Bootycalls
  • Double workout sessions 3 days minimum
  • One rest day (probably Saturday)
  • More protein (all the chicken!)
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