#Blogmas Day 1: December Goals

Merry #Blogmas everyone! I’m super excited to take part in it this year pus it gives me some much-needed motivation to blog as I’ll be blogging daily for the whole month of December! Hopefully there’ll be a mixture of posts but all winter/Christmas based: fashion, lifestyle, top tips, music, TV, films. In fairness, you’ll all probably get sick of Christmas by the time it gets here if we’re starting now. I want to mix up the post because I want to produce a blog that a variety of people read. I know that many bloggers have a niche, whether it’s beauty, fashion or baking, but I like a wide range of things and want my blog to reflect that.

To start Blogmas, I’m going down the personal route. For me, I love setting goals; they keep me on track and give me something to focus on. In fact, I love making lists in general so this blog post is what I write on paper anyway!


  1. Continue to use my hotel time usefully and productively. Now I’m staying in a hotel Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and I have exams coming up before and after Christmas, I want to revise as much as possible when I’m in the hotel. The more I do then, the more time I can spend relaxing at home. Because I only get Fridays off (I work weekends), I’d love to spend my weekend nights chilling out, watching TV and spending time with my friends and family.
  2. Tidy my room in time for Christmas. Recently I had a massive wardrobe clear-out for charity (I’ll blog about that soon!) but I’ve yet to go through the rest of my stuff. I’ve got drawers of t-shirts, make-up, toiletries, paperwork, pens, notebooks (I collect things, can’t you tell?) to sort through and I’m hoping to take a full Friday off revising to sort through it all!
  3. Work out at least 4 days a week. I’ve bought Kayla Itsines’ BBG 1.0 programme and still follow my Tone It Up weekly schedule online but with me being in a hotel during the week, I do all the bodyweight workouts Monday-Wednesday and anything with weights has to go on Friday-Sunday. I’ve also found it useful to write my own schedule down on a Sunday night so I can tick them off when I’ve completed them!
  4. Stay organised and write things down when I know about them. Right now, I balancing college lessons, mock exams, real exams, revision, work, a social life, blogging, sleeping, workouts, and everything else rattling around in my brain. My life is so hectic that if I don’t write everything down in my planner, I’d forget to do it. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that planner decorating is my new hobby!
  5. Stick with #Blogmas. I love blogging but I’ve been so busy with college and life that it’s fallen down the pecking order as I’ve tried to juggle every other aspect of my life. The fact that I can follow a plan is what will keep me focused!