#Blogmas Day 11: Things I Don’t Like About Christmas

I apologise this post is late! I’ve done my exams for now (well, until mid January) so I’ve actually been enjoying myself for the past day!

As much as I do like the festive period, certain things about it really grind my guts. Also if you do not like rants, probably best to close the page now!:

1. It starts earlier every year. Having worked in a card shop, I should be used to this but I don’t start thinking about Christmas until at least mid-November. Those who want to celebrate before then are crazy!

2. The adverts. I feel like we just get bombarded by them. The fact that some shops spend millions of pounds on their adverts just baffles me!

3. Pressure to enjoy Christmas as early as possible. Some people are obsessed with Christmas, others are not, like myself. Stop ridiculing me because I haven’t started my shopping yet, I will start it when I have the time to.

4. Decorations. I like having the Christmas tree up (ours isn’t even up yet) and I like the sparkly lights outside of the house which we don’t do but those who use enough to rival the main lights switch on in the town or city centre, you must have a very large electricity bill come January.

5. The expense. As much as I try to cut down my spending over Christmas, it’s impossible. I’m buying presents, going out for meals, buying food for home, every small amount soon adds up!

6. The songs. If it’s one thing I really don’t like about Christmas, it’s the songs. The majority of them are poorly made and are terribly cheesy. Like I said before, when I worked in a card shop, they were on all day er’ryday. Try working a full day and then  you will hate them.