#Blogmas Day 15: December Goals So Far


I can’t believe we’re halfway through #Blogmas already! It’s been amazing for me to motivate myself to get back into blogging and the added pressure of posting every day is paying off!

At the beginning of every month, I write down a few goals as to what I want to achieve in the upcoming once and at the start of Blogmas, I posted them on the blog. (you can see the post here) I thought it would be a nice idea to recap to see how close I am to achieving them!

1. Continue to use my hotel time usefully and productively. I’d like to say I’m doing this; I’ve been revising, blogging and working out but I know I could use even more time to do necessary tasks instead of just watching TV constantly! This is my last week in the hotel until January so I’ve got a bit of revision to do and then date night tomorrow!

2. Tidy my room in time for Christmas. This is still to be done. I had an exam last Wednesday so was using all of my free time at home to revise or pack. Seeing as I go home on the 17th, I will be having a major clearout over the weekend and then tidying my whole room in time for Christmas!

3. Work out at least 4 days a week. This isn’t going so well. I think I’ve been planning too many workouts for every day. I also seem to start the week off well and then by Wednesday, I just give up. I just need to get my time organised more to fit it in!

4. Stay organised and write things down when I know about them. I have been doing this but I still think I could organise my time better. AM workouts would give me more time to revise or blog on a night; taking revision to do on my dinner break at college would give me a bit more free time at the hotel. I also need to start using my Fridays properly instead of just chilling out all day long!

5. Stick with #Blogmas. Apart from the one night where I forgot to blog (I did two posts the following day, one in the morning and one at 7pm as usual), I’ve managed to keep up so far!