#Blogmas Day 19: What’s In My Bag Winter Edition

Winter is my favourite season by far. Warm clothing, Christmas, my birthday, hot chocolate but with the added cold, it means a change in what you keep in your handbag. Out go the sunglasses, in go the gloves! I love reading these sorts of posts on other people’s blogs so I thought I’d give you all an insight into what I carry around with me on a daily basis. This is the bag I would take to work and shopping. (not college because I take far too many notebooks and textbooks there and they are all a bit boring!)

  1. My planner. This goes everywhere with me. I write everything down as soon as I know about it and plan out my to-do lists in here. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see how obsessed I am with my planner!
  2. Pens and stickers. To go with my planner, I carry around coloured pens and stickers for my planner. I want it to look as pretty as possible!
  3. A reading book. I get bored very easily so make sure I always have something to read with me instead of constantly being on social media!
  4. Purse and discount cards. I always have my driving licence, NUS card and a million discount cards with me, just in case I need anything whilst I’m out and about!
  5. Snacks and bottled water. I always carry around a small bar of chocolate and a bottle of still water in case I get peckish or hydrated. I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day!
  6. Gloves. It’s not massively cold in the UK right now but I always make sure I have a pair with me just in case the temperature drops!
  7. Toiletry bag. In here, I have a compact mirror, tissues, Vaseline, lip balm, lipstick, ibuprofen, anti-bacterial hand wash, hand cream and a Victoria’s Secret body mist.
  8. Keys. Car keys and house keys are always a must!
  9. iPod and headphones. Just in case I go for a wander around, I must have my headphones with me!
  10. iPhone. I’m attached to it!