#Blogmas Day 2: Secret Santa Gift Ideas

I have a confession to make: I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. I know, I should hang my head in shame but I literally have no time! Luckily the people who I buy for totally understand how hectic my life is and some have even suggested not doing presents this year and just going out for a meal! I love my family and friends!

However, I have opted into doing two Secret Santas- one at work and one a college. With college, there’s only 10 of us in the class but with only 3 girls and 7 guys/men, it’s not that easy, plus we’ve only set a budget of £2.

For work, we have to buy a generic female present with a budget of £10. Unfortunately, I don’t buy for a specific person but just have to buy a girly gift. However, we can’t buy any bath stuff or nail varnish which really limits ideas!

Gunmetal mini 2016 2 days to view diary, £4.50, Paperchase
2 pack of fuzzy socks, £3.99, New Look
Silver owl photo frame, £5.99, New Look
White slogan mug, £4.99, New Look
Santa slipped socks, £6.00, Marks and Spencer
Pink floral make-up bag, £7.99, New Look