#Blogmas Day 23: Blogmas Recap

Yesterday I was at work all day long and it was such a rubbish day that I just wanted to come home and do nothing all night. Because of that I thought I’d do a recap and put all the links to my posts for Blogmas so far in one place!

Day 1: December Goals
Day 2: Secret Santa Gift Ideas
Day 3: Christmas Shopping Tips
Day 4: Christmas Tag 2015
Day 5: My Christmas Wishlist
Day 6: My Week In Pictures
Day 7: Festive Fitness
Day 8: Forgotten Christmas Songs
Day 9: Why I Love Christmas
Day 10: Christmas On A Budget
Day 11: Things I Don’t Like About Christmas
Day 12: The Happiness Tag
Day 13: Dear Taylor
Day 14: My Week In Pictures
Day 15: December Goals So Far
Day 16: Christmas TV
Day 17: How To Study Over Christmas
Day 18: The Winter Tag
Day 19: What’s In My Bag Winter Edition
Day 20: My Week In Pictures
Day 21: Avoiding Stress At Christmas
Day 22: Girl Crushes of 2015

There’ll be a new post at 7pm like usual. (Well most of the time anyway!) See you at 7pm!