Boots is pretty much my first port of call when it comes to Christmas gifts. I tend to collect my points throughout the year and spend them all at Christmas time. Every year, I buy my parents some toiletries for Christmas and it means I don’t have to spend a penny myself!

However, it’s also a great place for smaller gift sets, which are great as stocking filler presents. As someone who is cruelty free, the selection is a little more limited but there are still some ranges I am able to purchase.

The fact that most sets are on 3-for-2 is really what grabs my attention as well as pretty packaging! Ted Baker ALWAYS smash it with their packaging! Pale pink and gold will always be a winning combination and very blogger-friendly!
I managed to pick up a couple of sets which you can see in more detail below:



Pouting Petals Lip Tint Trio- £14.00

Last year I received the Christmas nail polish gift set as a present and adored it. I knew then that I couldn’t wait to see what Ted Baker brought out for Christmas 2017! I saw this lip tint trio in the Boots catalogue and fell in love with the packaging. I love anything with a bow on it/shaped like it and the gold really makes it look expensive!


The lip tints themselves are in a gorgeous gold cover. They’re really lightweight to carry too! The mix of colours is really great for morning, noon and night. A nude, a light pink and a red are perfect for all women. Obviously the shades may need to be varied depending on your hair colour and skintone but most make-up lovers should have at least one of each shade!


As they are lip tints rather than lipsticks, they are meant to be sheer. For me, I don’t always wear lipstick during the day so a lip tint is right up my street. I definitely think the red is my fave. I do love a pop of colour on my lips but it’s not too in your face like many red can be!


Lips and Tips- Light- £8.50

Unfortunately, if I’d have known that the colour of the lip tint was going to be the same as the previous set, I wouldn’t have bothered purchasing these smaller sets! I do love that there are separate sets for day and night though! I adore the girly pink in this set; I’m not sure I’ll use it as often as the next set but I love to have a pale pink in my collection!


Lips and Tips- Dark- £8.50

I adore the sophisticated look of these two paired together. Deep red nails always look grown-up and make me feel like I have my shit together! I mean I obviously don’t but a girl can pretend, right? I already have a couple of deep red nail polishes but I really do adore this one!

Have you tried any Ted Baker make-up? Picked up any Boots gift sets this year? Leave me a comment below!