Am I the only person who changes up their handbag when the weather gets a little colder? For me, I often carry the same stuff around but just change up a few items. Who needs sunglasses in December?
I really do love these ‘What’s in my bag?’ posts because I am the nosiest person on the planet! I like to see what other people consider to be essentials compared to what I carry around. Some people seem to only carry about three things whereas others carry around a truck-load of stuff. I like to think I’m a happy medium!

I carry around a rucksack most of the time. If you’ve been following my blog or Twitter for a few years, you may know I have a slipped disc in my bag so a backpack is great for balancing out the weight! Obviously this list differs slightly when I’m at uni as most of the time, I’ll have my laptop and charger in my bag.

My rucksack is actually this one from Debenhams. It’s meant to be pale pink but I’m prone to getting it a little dirty and now the colour has started to fade. I’ve washed it too so maybe that’s why the colour is going! Might have to buy myself a new one!

1. Diary and pen. Although I do keep a diary on my phone, it’s often a lot easier to jot things down when they come up! I adore this planner from Personal Planner which I received a while ago. It’s a week-to-view so I can see everything I have planned for the week. Every Sunday night, I sit down and plan the upcoming week to get me focused!

2. Purse and card holder. I collect loyalty cards so I need a purse with lots of card slots! No matter how many you get in the purse, it’s still never enough! I also carry around my card holder, which has my student card and tram pass in.

3. iPod and headphones. Yes, I know, I’m old-school. I listen to a variety of music so I need more storage than my iPhone has! I’ve had my iPod classic for years and it’s still going strong!

4. Make-up bag. I bought this marble bag from Primark to match a handbag that I was using at the time. I don’t really carry make-up with me as I try to put my face on before leaving the house! I carry around what I consider to be essentials: hand sanitiser, hand cream, lip balm, Vaseline, body spray, ibuprofen and tissues.

5. Glasses. I need my glasses to see in the distance, such as driving and reading PowerPoint presentations in class so it’s just easier to keep them in my bag at all times!

Extras I tend to carry around:

Water bottle (hydration is important), a reusable travel mug (some shops offer discount for taking in your own!), phone (I have an iPhone 5S and that’s good enough for me!) and key fob.

What are your handbag essentials? Are you a person who carries around the minimum or the maximum? Leave me a comment below!