#Blogmas Day 9: Why I Love Christmas

I feel like I’ve been a bit of a Bah Humbug this year, probably because I haven’t had any time to get organised this year! My only exam before Christmas is today so I’m excited to start enjoying Christmas as of tomorrow! Here are my favourite things about Christmas:

1. Time off work: I love having some free time around Christmas. Because I always have exams after the holidays, I try to create a revision schedule which allows me to enjoy at least Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day. This year, I have these three days off work too so I can relax and stuff my face with food!

2. Christmas dinner: Roast dinner is only good when my dad and I cook it together at Christmas. The Yorkshire puddings are the highlight for me always!

3. Decorating the tree: I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of the tree itself but I get complete control over the decorations every year.

4. Spending time with the family: Because my life is so hectic at the moment and I haven’t seen my extended family since September, I’m excited for a catch-up with all of my cousins/aunties/uncles/grandparents. (Although I’ll probably regret it when it actually happens because they’re VERY loud!)

5. Christmas sales: The sales start before Christmas now but I love saving up my money from the holidays and spending it afterwards, just not on Boxing Day because I believe that all shops should be shut!

6. Wrapping up warm: I love winter because I get to live in jumpers, PJs, fluffy socks and my warm and cosy dressing gown.

7. Gift shopping: I actually enjoy buying presents but only when the shops are quiet because I hate queuing! That’s why I shop online mostly nowadays!

8. Christmas TV: I love watching Downton Abbey (as if it’s the last ever episode this year!), the Strictly Christmas special and all of the Christmas episodes of all the classic comedy shows!

9. Christmas Eve with my dad: We try to avoid leaving the house unless we get out really early. We wrap my mum’s presents, watch The Muppets’ Christmas Carol and bake.

10. Receiving all the chocolate: Every year I get tonnes of chocolate that usually lasts me until Easter but I love that it is acceptable to stuff your face and no-one can tell you off in doing so!