Since going cruelty-free, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to find decent haircare without having to break the bank. Unlike skincare, I’m really not fussy with my hair. I’ve always had naturally dark, poker-straight, long hair. I rarely change it in terms of length or cut.

I tend to go for hair products that are designed for extra shine or volume but recently I’ve felt that my hair has been incredibly dry. When I took another visit to my local Boots, I came across their own brand range of Beautiful Hair shampoos or conditioners.

There are three different types in this range: Volumising, Radiant Colour and Moisturise & Nourish. I chose the latter because I’ve always had a great experience with haircare products with added argan oil. I’ve been using this set for about a month now so here’s my honest review.


I was pleased to see that the shampoo (link here) was more like a clear gel rather than a cream. It just feels a lot cleaner when washing my hair. I will admit, I really like this shampoo. It lathers up pretty quickly but it does require using quite a bit. It’s also a little watery so slides off your hands when they’re wet so I’ve wasted quite a bit of product! If the consistency of the product was thicker, this would be a holy grail product for me!




I have to put this out there: I hate this conditioner (not available online). It smells strange, it’s fairly watery and it makes my hair feel awful when dry. I’ve tried using different amounts from a 50p blob to a hand’s worth and everything in between. Every single time, I’ve been unimpressed.


The worst part about this set is after drying. Using any other shampoo/conditioner with or without using a heat protection spray of some sort, my hair is silky smooth. Since using this duo, my hair has become frizzy, dry and incredibly knotty as soon as it has been dried. In all honesty, I feel like I’ve ruined my hair since using this. I’m glad that I’m nearly at the end of these bottles!

I’m not saying that these are the worst haircare products out there for everyone, they just didn’t work for my hair. I imagine if you have frizzy, thick hair, they may well be a great product for you! I would be interested in trying the Volumising set but I won’t be making a repurchase on the Moisturise & Nourish set!

Have you ever tried any Boots haircare? Let me know by leaving a comment below!