Essence has been one of my favourite brands for a while now. I’m a huge fan of trying out smaller brands; I’ve been surprised so many times in both good and bad ways. Sometimes a cheap product can be as rubbish as you expect it to be, sometimes it can amaze you completely! Essence has been the latter of this for some time.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried a few products that I didn’t get on with from this brand but for the most part, I’ve been incredibly impressed. The best thing other than the price tag? They’re cruelty-free! Hooray!

About a month or so ago, I saw that there were a few new products/colours being launched and placed my order on the Wilko website. I’m not usually one to buy make-up online (I like to see the colours in store first) but I thought if I don’t like them, at least I haven’t wasted that much money!


The first items that I knew I wanted were some nail varnishes. I’m in desperate need of a new base coat, top coat and a couple of colours for spring. I’m really not a pink girl but I really do love it on my nails; it adds a girly touch to any outfit!

Having bought Essence nail polishes previously, I can confirm that I already love them. I’ve always found them great quality for the money. Their gel polishes are a great colour, last around a week (which is good enough for me!) and only require one coat if you apply a thick coat!

I’m actually just coming to the end of my current Essence base coat (unavailable online) and I am such a huge fan. It dries super quickly and always glides on nicely.

For a top coat, quick-drying is the most important factor to me. I’m one of those people who paints their nails and then finds a million and one things they need to do imminently. This top coat is my favourite ever. It’s shiny and takes about a minute to dry, hooray!




A fuchsia pink is a must in anyone’s nail varnish collection. I stick with red a lot during the colder months and switch to a hot pink during the summer months. If I’m in a rush, I often just apply one coat; it tends to only last a couple of days but sometimes a quick fix is needed!

When I have slightly longer during a pamper night, I apply two thick coats with both a base and top coat. Feels Like Birthday (shade 74) is the perfect pink to compliment any outfit!




I tend to find that baby pinks don’t show on my nails because I’m so pale. I tend to go for light shades because when I don’t have polish on, I bite my nails! Terrible, I know! I’ve tried everything to stop and the only thing that does is when I have my nails painted!

Dreaming of Love (shade 77) is almost a bubblegum pink; super cute and girly! This will look great in the summer months against white clothing!


Finding foundation is an arduous task; it involves trying many different brands and shades and finally find the perfect one so you bulk buy. Usually for me, said perfect foundation then gets discontinued, yay! I am quite pale but my skintone on my face is significantly darker than the rest of my body (it’s the only place that sees the sun!) so I tend to go for shades 2-3 in the spectrum.


My skin has also been a bit indifferent lately due to changing my skincare routine (I think my skin’s still getting used to it!) so I’ve been trying to find a higher coverage foundation that won’t break the bank. I won’t be using it for long hopefully!


This product combines both foundation and concealer because who doesn’t love saving time in a morning?


During the summer, I swear by eye primer. When the sun gets hotter, make-up starts sweating so it’s important to do as much as you can to keep it in place!

This 2 in 1 pot is far from that. Because it’s creamy, it feels more like a concealer! I’ve used it a couple of times so far with a mix of light and dark eyeshadows and it’s creased every single time after a couple of hours. For £2.80, I merely bought it to test if it would be any good!




Matte lipglosses are everywhere right now; currently I’ve been rotating between my NYX and Collection ones. The only problem is I’ve got a tonne of pink ones in all different shades but no other colours!


I thought I’d venture out a little by going for a classic red. Ready, Set, Impress! (shade 4) is the perfect lip for a night out!







I’ve been finding recently that any sort of lip product has not bee lasting very long on my lips. Maybe it’s because I’m either constantly talking or if I’m not talking, I’m eating! After doing a bit of research, I never thought to build up a base!


Because I wasn’t really sure if I’d like lipliner or not, I thought why not try a cheaper version. These Essence ones are only £1.00 each! I went for the two shades that I thought I’d use the most: Cute Pink (shade 7) which is a medium pink colour and Femme Fatale (shade 14) which is a bright red.


Essence has become my go-to brand to try new types of products. I feel like if I don’t spend that much on it, I won’t feel as bad if I don’t like/use it!

Have you tried any Essence products? Leave me a comment below!