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90s/00s Pop Playlist

As a 90s child, I am obsessed with pop music. As my childhood was spent in dance, I used my lunch breaks at primary school to choreograph dance routines to my favourite pop songs and attempt to teach them to my friends. Of course, I was mad that they weren’t on the same level as me (I was going to classes 5 days a week, they were not!) but nevertheless, I had a new routine every single week. I was the lead dancer/singer/performer and they were my back-ups. It was like I always wanted  ...

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#Blogmas Day 8: Forgotten Christmas Songs

Let me get one thing straight: I love Christmas but I do not like Christmas songs. I used to work in a card shop where Christmas runs from late June to late January and you hear the songs from the beginning of November so by the time Christmas actually comes around, you hate everything about it especially the songs! However, I did often find I found myself singing along to several of them which I’d never actually heard before so I thought I’d share them! 1. Britney Spears- My  ...

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Taylor Swift’s New Video

I’m one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans. I love everything about her including her new song! I originally fell in love with her when she was signing country music but I love that she’s trying out other genres. This brand new song, ‘Shake It Off’, is definitely that! I love how she pokes fun at herself too. Plus she’s included one of my other favourite things in this video: dance! So watch and enjoy 🙂

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