Seeing as it’s Father’s Day today in the UK, I thought I’d do something a little different and dedicate today’s post to my best friend, my dad.

Dear Dad,

I guess this is more of a thank you letter than anything. Thank you for being by my side for the past 24 years of my life and for everything you’ve ever done for me.

Since I was little, you’ve always been the biggest inspiration in my life. I’ve always looked up to you and will continue to do so. Anytime I need help or guidance, you’re always my first port of call.

Thank you for the way you’ve brought me up and for everything you’ve taught me. From our endless nights in front of the TV watching quiz shows exercising our brains to the various sports we watch and discuss together on a weekly basis to the adventures we’ve been on all over the UK. You’ve always told me that being smart and enjoying learning is something to be proud of. You’ve taught me that hard work goes a long way and to always strive to be the best. I definitely get that ambition and drive that I have from you.
Thank you for teaching me how to be independent and also to know the value of money. After my first failed attempt of making money and getting a paper round, you pushed me into getting a part-time job when I was sixteen and I’ve worked ever since. You’ve bailed me out financially more times than I can count but only just to make sure that I wasn’t stuck.
Thank you for being my chauffeur for most of my life. You’d never let me be stranded anywhere, even at 2am on a Saturday night when I couldn’t get a taxi that one time. You’d always pick me up from dance lessons without fail and constantly drove my friends and I around. I’m forever grateful for that. Even now I can drive, you still drive me around when I can’t be bothered to use my own car!

Thank you for always supporting me in everything I do. Whether it was school or dance, you were always my biggest cheerleader. I know I’m not exactly where I wanted to be at 24 but you’ve continued to be there for me and helped me out whenever you could. You’re the first person I call when I’ve aced an exam or had a great job interview because I know you’re just as happy as I am.

Thank you for being the King of DIY and cooking. I have sat through countless hours of DIY SOS and cooking shows with you and am always amazed about how much you know! I need you to teach me your tips and tricks!

Thank you for having the most random and niche knowledge of anyone I know. You continue to surprise me every single day with what you know! I know history and sports are usually your specialist subjects but I’m constantly amazed by what answers you pluck out from your brain when we’re watching those quiz shows!

Thank you for introducing me to the world of sports. I know you put me in that Hull FC baby-grow from a young age for a reason. Although I wasn’t really a supporter fully until 2004, you knew eventually the day would come when I’d be in love with rugby league. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have the dream of becoming a sports journalist one day. We must’ve spent so much time watching a whole host of sports over the years. Whether it’s golf, WWE, most Olympic sports, darts, the occasional Arsenal match, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know you said I could always support whatever sports team that I wanted to but supporting the same teams has brought our bond closer together.

My dad and me, besties from the day I was born! Look how cool I am in my Hull FC baby-grow!

Thank you for being my best friend. Some people might think it’s strange that I consider you my best friend but you really are my partner in crime. We gang up on Mum constantly, we have similar opinions, personality traits and interests and now we have a super cool handshake that’s been years in the making!

Thank you for being there for me every day. Whether I’ve had a good day or a bad day, I always know I can talk to you and everything will be better. I’ll always be a daddy’s girl! I love you, Dad.

Lots of love,

PS I promise to always laugh at your jokes no matter how corny or rubbish they are!