Easing Back Into Fitness


Regular readers of he English Everygirl will know that I am really into my fitness. However, in recent weeks, I’ve been trying to follow my Bikini Series programme but I don’t seem to be sticking with it very well. It’s really hard to find the motivation to work up early every day to workout and to then come home and exercise after a long day at work.

If I had the time to workout every day, I wouldn’t have time to blog or tweet or eat or sleep sometimes! I would love to have fitness as my priority but right now, I want to get my career back on track.
1. July 2013; 2. May 2016; 3. Late June 2016

Right now, I’m at the heaviest weight that I’ve ever been: 9 stone. Now I know that’s not heavy, but as a former eating disorder patient, it’s a lot for me. I’m only 5″2 (and a peanut) but in all honesty, I feel great. Sure there are areas I’d like to tone up (my stomach, for one) but I’ve gained some upper body strength and will never be able to get rid of my strong dancer thighs. I wouldn’t want to! They’re a reminder that I do have some sort of talent!

The main reason I’ve been falling behind on my workouts is because I’m stuck in a rut. So September is the month where I’m going to try new things. I’ve decided that I’m going to go back to dance. I’ve done a tonne of research and found some adult classes in Hull and am excited to try them! As a former ballerina/tap dancer, I’m looking into taking street dance and commercial classes which is a jump into the unknown for me pretty much! However, I’m a quick learner so hopefully it will be a success!


To keep on track properly this time, I’m going to monitor my progress a bit more. I want to keep note of the food I take, how much water I drink and the amount of steps that I do daily. This will show me which areas that I need to improve in but also where I am doing well! Treats are important so I’ll be looking at getting a haircut soon!

For the time being, there will be no Bikini Series recaps; I still think I will do a fitness-based post on a Monday but whilst I progress more, I would like to keep it to myself first!