Elle Lain Wishlist

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know that I am obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I found their ‘Making The Team’ TV show a few months ago and have been hooked since. I’m also serious when I say that when I save up enough money, I am going to Dallas to try out.

Since watching and watching all of the girl’s dance videos on Instagram, I came across the shop, Elle Lain, which is ran by Lauren who is a former DCC herself! I instantly fell in love with all of the beautiful, feminine pieces and I love how all of the pieces are styled too! Currently they don’t ship to the UK. I have been told that I will be informed when they do though and that’s when I will run out of money! Here’s a few of my favourite pieces that I’ve found on the website:


elle lain

Marble Set, $62
Kelsey Fit and Flare Dress, $36
Sassy Night Out Set, $68
Spring Rose Set, $62
Marais Stripe Vest, $22
Nude Skyfall Top, $32
Lacey Day Crop, $32
Spa Stripe Top, $36