February Goals

Can you believe it is February already? January for me is the worst and best month of the year. Worst because I spend all of my spare time revising for exams and then I actually have to sit them too! Best because it’s my birthday in the middle of the month and I always allow myself a day off to celebrate it because I work so damn hard! It was also a bit of a write-off for me in terms of everything else. I rarely blogged, I didn’t stick to my workout schedule very well I snacked all of the time. So now a new month is here, most of my exams are out of the way and I’m determined to have a better second month to the year!

I’m an avid believer in goal-setting. I love general to-do lists (I make one every morning) but I like having something to work towards. It keeps me motivated and gives me something to focus on. This month, there are a few things I would like to achieve:


  1. Workout 5 times a week. I never workout on a Saturday as I’m at work and love to watch BBC1 all night long. That gives me six other days to fit in a workout!
  2. Workout first thing 3 times a week. By first thing, I mean as soon as I’ve woken up, got out of bed and got changed. I find that sets me in a good mood for the day plus it means you keep burning calories for hours after!
  3. Pass my 60wpm shorthand exam and keep practising. On my journalism course, I only have 2 months left but I need to crack shorthand. I had done but then I’ve fallen off track slightly. My exam is in just over a weeks’ time so I’m practising daily!
  4. Maintain my skincare routine. Face wipe, micellar water, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, day/night cream. Because I’ve been eating so much junk food in the past couple of weeks, my skin is terrible.
  5. Have more nutritious meals. As I said above, because I’ve been living in hotels, my diet has suffered. Now I;m back at home, I can take packed lunch when I need to be out of the house and eat proper meals when I’m in the house. Hopefully, this leads to less snacking too!
  6. Keep hydrated. I’ve been drinking my bodyweight in hot chocolate because of the cold recently but I’m trying to limit myself to two a day and then up my water intake. 2 litres a day minimum for me!